The Corridors

I look at everything that happens: girls bring with them a round object, and run behind him, hitting it and crashing into the walls. I fear that in a moment they could attack me, so me alejo toward a hole, very large and close. Upon entering two seated women, encounter this adult time, seems to me. One of them brings something strange in the head, is a kind of Crown or hat, and brings a very sad dress, in black and white. They are saying some things, and it is not that it is very curious, but nor can I avoid listening to their conversation. I understand that this place is similar to one of our Willow, because here also take care of so many offspring, until you assign them a vocation (?). But I hear something that intrigues me. It is that the two ladies sadden to talk about a girl in particular.

She is very ill, and it seems that he could die at any time. I am very dismayed. When I travelled to here it did not expect to find me with something like this. But I can do nothing. The most that could be be aware of it. In addition, according to what I heard, this small is very lonely, so it would be good to do you a bit of company. Ultimately, what could happen? Flight along the corridors, looking for any sign of his whereabouts.

But as much as I’m looking for here, I can’t find him. It would be better to search by exterior. So I go out towards the outskirts of the trunk, and rodeo tree. Suddenly, again appears one fairy, which stops in front of me. More, in a sigh disappears, and the crust rises. Interior looks over the face of a human small, which gives me back and leaning against a plank that molded his body upon himself, and shelters him with soft and tender coat leaves.