Ten Commandments

The ten commandments of Butler 1. The integrities elementary feature of a Butler. All pattern depends on honesty and reliability when he placed his family and possessions in the care of a Butler. The pattern do not want their goods to disappear, where tasks are not done, that your family sick from toxic food or that their funds are wasted. 2 Loyalty is another key element, like the employer feel that your boss really cares about your well-being and your family. He wants his employee to be helpful and complaisant desirous of that things go well for the family and their assistance in all possible ways. 3.

You must know and follow good manners and customs; be aware of the tastes and not tastes of the family and please everyone as a result; treat each person individually and with equal respect 4. Discretion, is another vital requirement of all Butler (Mr. Winston Churchill, he said) a diplomat is a person who thinks twice before saying anything this means, in other words, instead of say in loud, the remains silent until the time and the right place to express your opinion have arrived. 5. With the passage of time, the Butler becomes almost as beloved as the rest of the family, but there is an invisible line that he never should cross, familiarity, in the long run, leads to failure, so the Butler must maintain at all times a professional behaviour at the same time maintain a friendly formality in all acts.

Take trusts or be distant are the two ends, none of which are acceptable in a strange that it has allowed entry to the family of Mr therefore (is my favorite phrase) have to be cordial but never family: 6. the fundamental difference is that a good steward serves, but not subservient. He is there to provide a service that he himself enjoys. This eager to accept criticism, and if these are not justified, let them pass or amend them when and as more appropriate. His desire to offer the best possible service will remain intact, consequently his experience You can assure everyone that the events will come out perfectly. 7 Timeliness. Although flexible in terms of the number of hours of work, a Butler is very thorough with time and is never delayed. 8. The Butler is a good organizer can lead many people and activities, according to schedule, at the same time that keeps up to date all planned work together with events, suppliers, calls etc etc. With respect to the rest of the staff, the Butler is friendly without showing too much family, it will be firm on the quantity and quality of the work carried out those they work with, based on required by Messrs. 9. Self-criticism. At the end of the day, still has energy and humility to ask, was there something in which I could have improved my service today?. 10. Honesty, creativity, concern, social skills, the lip, are cualidadesraras, find someone with all these features and that is able to put them to work every day. All of which reinforces the value of the Butler in all its varied manifestations. Diplomacy and tact are essential. It will always be adaptable and flexible duties and responsibilities (combined with his experience) will be reflected in their salary package = if you want to learn more visit my website… Original author and source of the article.