Psychosomatic Medicine

It should not surprise us the continuous concern of many people to obtain that key allowing them to enter the threshold of victory, thanks to a positive mental attitude and be so in an extraordinary position. I think, that in the present there are many people, of all intellectual strata, which have become increasingly more pessimistic, turning thus to his failure in all those tasks to undertake, and what is worse, thus affecting others who live with them, but however there are those who go to bookshops in order to buy some book that orient them and thus trying to change your mental attitude for some time are for example, published a book entitled: towards a greater happiness of therapists: doctors Champion K. Tautch and his wife Joel Marie, where trying to prove that the human mind has hidden powers that can cure diseases and especially to achieve happiness and success in life. The truth is that there are certain laws of the mind influencing our live, incarnating in this present reality. Thus, therapists say I have conducted research of Psychosomatic Medicine, scientific parapsychology and especially psychology, thus confirming that the mind governs the body. They came to conduct a study which was enlarged by other specialists later, which pointed out that the hatred, fear, guilt are factors that lead to the majority of people to contract the disease in 1965.

Therefore, us not surprised such thoughts to provoke reactions in the body, the thinking is a power. Therefore, recommended that to achieve success and be happy consciousness should be changed, it should be noted that negative and positive thoughts accumulate up to constitute a personal conviction that after invading the subconscious, dominates our lives, influencing our actions, attitudes, atmosphere and experience. Hence the importance that dominate positive thoughts. In other words, we need to wake up that conviction of triumph inwardly. We must change that negative language, for example, not I, it is impossible, etc., which causes fatigue and pessimism, by a triumphant faith that causes a favorable reaction in oneself and in others. They say the Teutsch, that we love ourselves and never considered useless, instead, like nice people, i.e. the acceptance of himself, having faith in itself same.