Partnership Space

There are many aspects that come into play in an intimate relationship. The wounds that some couples left are very intense and deep. They become increasingly painful, when we are unable to observe and realize when a relationship has completed its cycle. The wounds become scars, sometimes, not let them heal, nor let them close and turn the blade and continue with our lives when a relationship has ended, either, when its stability has changed. How to regain the trust in love? When a relationship doesn’t work so that will lead us to enjoy to complement us and be in tune with our partner, it means, that we have conflict of background that we cannot resolve.

On the contrary, we fight, we get angry, disgustamos us and not atinamos to leave our conflicts. One of the aspects that looks more though is intimacy, that space in which only our partner know what happens and I can not deceive us. In that space, occur the most sublime emotions, but also, When the climate is rarefied, also happen and occur the most violent atrocities. Privacy in couple has their deceptions. In this place we are naked and vulnerable with our whole being. We are there gift for each other, when this intimacy is treated lovingly we feel full, full, full of energy and joy. We have complemented. However, when that space becomes place of hostilities, of vengeance, of silence, we experience a great loneliness that we burn up the bowels.

The lawsuits, the hassles, violence, humiliation and guilt live in silence, between two, between you and me. And only we know what is the reality of our love.