Online Auction Site Stoxydealer

Online auction returns to the early days of eBay the Internet offers many possibilities of online shopping. These include also auction platforms with different characters. Since March 2009, is also stoxydealer with currently over 45,000 categories to the providers on the net. In contrast to its competitors, the company wants to give largely on excessive advertising and links to present the platform as clearly as possible to the customer. On other auction sites, mostly junk hindered the search for articles and bothers the customers long term very.

Visitors to the platform to make this great advantage, stoxydealer charges a small fee, which at 30 days, runtime 0.25 euros and a consistent Commission of 2 percent. The term is 7 / 14 / 21 or 30 days. So is a set of articles from 0.10 EURO for 7 days possible. A revalue of the ads is possible by choosing additional options. The Introduction of listing fees is then immediately elected to keep non-prescription bulky goods by the platform. The design of the site is still in a simple style but for it to clear. Because who clicks on an auction platform he would like to have an overview of the page and not come to a conclusion through a cumbersome operation. Stoxydealer would not traded as a competitor of eBay or hood, but only as an alternative to the major platforms.

To meet the has been researched in advance what the pros and cons have different auction sites. Therefore it was also not a portal in question when the money for the bid gives out and perhaps at not won auction makes losses. So, the example of a party where the commandment to 0.10 EURO rises and the fee for the bid is $0.50. The new auction house would allow again private providers about the beginnings of eBay to return, as the major providers only still interested commercial members have. Of course here, because the leader changed his rating system so that a neutral or negative assessment can be given not more trade with black sheep is not excluded. Of course, you can set also at stoxydealer 1 EURO auctions without fees. The categories are in the near future, yet refined and expanded. Therefore the company assumes a positive response of the new online marketplace, where satisfied customers buy and sell. Press contact: Mr. Alexander Hartrich Tel.: 089-61 534 102 email: Web: