Colonel Rodolfo Morales

For over four decades of social science teachers have taught children Maicao was founded by Colonel Rodolfo Morales and his sister Otilia Ramirez on June 29, 1926 around a checkpoint in the office of which the Court of the two was responsible. Based on the historical version of the time mayor in 1976 organized a splendid program to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation and who went to school we learned in the classes taught by Ramiro Choles that this strange word, anniversary, Date meant turning 50 years and commemoration of some event that is done on this date. In 2006 the mayor Daissy Hernandez Fernandez organized a high-rise program to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the city. There was a forum in which different personalities involved, including parliamentarians and representatives of the governors of the former department of Magdalena Grande. At that time the assembly department of Cesar him due recognition for the ongoing Maicao exchange holding the north of this district to the commercial capital of La Guajira.

This year should be celebrated the anniversary number 82 and, indeed, the House of Culture has prepared a program to give this date the importance it deserves, but … there is a but. Let's see what it is. The historian Luis Guillermo Burgos, a samarium devoted years to studying the history of the guajira and especially that of Maicao, has dug and dug to find historical documents that mention a Maicao. It is not unusual for a historical document mentions Maicao.