During the crisis, many companies try to optimize their costs. Especially for transporting goods. Ate before the company was a logistics department, which is engaged in logistics solutions, is now on The department is trying to assign responsibilities for the selection of transport for cargo. Many of you may wonder and argue, but what's wrong with that, but let us look at this issue. The Division, in addition to its concerns about logistics solutions, add an additional example: the search for freight, the resolution of disputes arising from the Freight on our highways, more control over the carrier and Accounting (always easier to handle accounts from the three companies than 100 carriers that, each time subject to change). As a result, the apparent optimization leads to even greater costs.

For example, what do you think go carriers, for example, in Irkutsk? The answer is not unique – it will go to Irkutsk, only if it is guaranteed to return loading. And what do you do in this case, the customer, especially if you want to send there loads continuously and even in different directions and on the eve of holidays, when the freight market lull. To find a freight forwarder needs to know this segment of the market, know the law, to know what the tariffs for Currently in a particular region during this period and so But you do need to know? I think that you might as well need to know how the wood was delivered at a furniture factory for the manufacture of the table where you sit, reading this article.