The Northeast

Canada strongly opposed, because boats must pass through its islands, therefore considers that these waters are territorial and not international as it aims to establish Washington. On the other hand, the Northeast passage will be a potential conflict when opened, since the ice in that region has not melted yet. The Northeast passage, which traverses the Arctic along the coast of Siberia is going to involve Moscow in another dispute of sovereignty with Norway. However, during this first meeting at ministerial level was reached an agreement that allows to reduce the tension, which had increased in August of last year when Russia sent two batiscafos to the North Pole with a group of scientists, that besides having the mission to prove that underwater Russian platform extends towards the North Pole, planted a Russian flag in titanium to 4000 meters of depth as a symbolic gesture of claim sovereignty. Five States in Ilulissat agreed to abide by the law of the sea to legally regulate this region, without having that attend a UN arbitration.

In this way, will be to reinforce the work first geological research and exploration of hydrocarbons immediately afterwards. Although Russia take the lead, to have begun the exploitation of the largest gas field in the world called Stockman, in conjunction with the French company Total, this underwater gas platform is claimed by Norway, that there is another option that bring the case to an international tribunal until geological investigations that determine who is the legitimate owner of that area have not been finalised. Meanwhile, Canada is the first country to militarize the region, to begin the construction of bases in their islands in the Arctic and increase patrols in its waters to protect sovereignty, in the event that the dispute with the United States to grow.UU. or with Denmark for the Northwest Passage. While the Arctic melting accelerates, signs of a geopolitical warming in the region are becoming increasingly evident despite the Treaty signed in Ilulissat. Canadian military dissuasive actions and the beginning of the holdings of gas by Russia before to complete the investigations that take step to a general agreement on Arctic shorten times and induce the five countries to act unilaterally. The most dangerous of the race for the Arctic is the greater frequency with which measures are taken outside of international law. Original author and source of the article.