When we are capable of lifting the arms and in an act of accountability absolutely accept all our resistance in spite of what is happening in our lives, situations, feelings, people, or events which by instinct we resist, we again find the value and the strength to continue forward with our lives. Surrender is not a cowardly act, it is a courageous act that encloses a lot of wisdom. When we are able to understand that us this happening exceeds our capabilities at this time to fix it, confront it and exit gracefully and victorious in the encounter with the destination, enables us to stand firm on a platform from which after a quiet retreat to deploy with forces the call of destiny, to live our personal vision.When I yield to what I feel, why not I accept, when I yield to the actions of someone that I love and which does not properly interpret my needs when I yield before a diagnosis negative my health when I yield to the erratic behavior and from my point of view illogical from a being Dear, when I yield to situations that go beyond my personal power to control it, I find a source of inexhaustible energies to continue forward with a new perception of the issue, with a new vision of the future, with a new light to illuminate the new path that opens before my eyes, filled with infinite possibilities. The sacred Act of surrender I releases so much energy for myself and my processes, as for those people who in one way or another are bound by my resistance to the vicious and without leakage of a causal encounter in life, full of potential for growth that will be only displayed when we finally decide to release it. It is necessary to pay me, life asks us on many occasions that we arrodillemos in front of it in a humble ceremony perhaps so that we grow as people, as human beings, so that we can learn about the respect towards others, their own processes or destination that is as perfectly designed for our evolution into eternity at every opportunity.