London Heathrow Airport

London is a beautiful city with charm and distinction, medieval buildings with multicultural crowds. A cosmopolitan city in which tourists can immerse in a multitude of different cultures of the world to feel as at home or as if instead of the capital of the United Kingdom were in other parts of the world such as India, China, and Pakistan. He also the most populous city in United Kingdom and the most visited by tourists. Worth visiting London to see Big Ben, who have seen him in person claim that the distinction and print that generates no has comparison when viewed through the cinema or television screen. In addition, it is the British Museum, with important cultural gems from around the world, such as those of the ancient Egypt or those of Babylon or Persian culture, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge and the tower.

There is also a superb art gallery where frequently numerous recognition and world renown artists exhibit and sell works more innovative sculptures and paintings. The art gallery has also the largest number of portraits of the world from antiquity until today, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of students of fine arts from around the world throughout the year to see up close the works of established artists. Cheap hotels in London following the advice to use reservation centres known or failing websites that collect detailed information about tourists who have already visited the city before the city can be found. Nor should realize before view complete or partial pension since there are plenty of interesting places to enjoy all kinds of foods, that today in the hotels does not usually have the same quality as in traditional London restaurants. We must also verify the situation of the hotel, since some are advertised as centrally located but once there you notice that they are very away from the city centre. In terms of the number of stars normally there are plenty of hotel deals that result with two or three stars offer better services than many with four stars.

In the majority of cases the differences of category are set only from the size of the rooms, and not by the quality of the services or difference in them. In general public transport in London is very good, although it may seem expensive at first glance, it offers many discounts for students, pensioners, tourists, etc. You have to apply the stay in advance. From the Victoria station leave meters continuously to navigate throughout the city and bus lines. The London underground is the oldest underground transport in the world system. In the year 1863 already operated a wagon between Paddington and Farrington streets. The metro system is divided into six areas that determine the price of the ticket. You don’t carry much merchandise like backpacks, bags, etc because the inputs are narrow and hours tip can be extremely annoying for travelers. There are budget hotels in London as Lords hotel situated in a garden square quiet Bayswater from a few $50 night, a star. It can also be found the Osterley Park Hotel of three stars located on the road Great West close to London Heathrow Airport from approximately $40.