Green Card Marriage

At present it is presenting a phenomenon known as a marriage of convenience, a situation in which a foreigner looking on many occasions over the Internet or through networks that work with this fraud, a partner who is a citizen of the state where you want to get citizenship to simulate a normal marriage. This marriage of convenience has taken a lot of strength in European countries, but more in Spain, this because many immigrants come to this country illegally, leaving behind all his life, mother, father, brothers, until his couple and their children – to achieve a good capital gain economic and answer for their families in countries with fewer job opportunities, and as we have some economic stability, greater possibilities for capital support, but there is a latent danger be deported to their countries of origin, taken as a measure to ensure their stay in the country you currently reside and move to a legal status through marriage fraud convenience.

So foreigners seeking via the Internet, an acquaintance or through a network to work with the so-called marriage of convenience to get a couple to pay for the fictional marriage and a way to legalize their status to enjoy the advantages of being a national of the state in which it resides, having the freedom to move without problem in the country where he acquired a new nationality, may come and go as they wish. Thus the form of marriage of convenience is the tool most used by immigrants seeking citizenship quickly, thus reducing the terms and conditions for obtaining citizenship normally, as in situations in which marriages are not made of abroad convenience requires that the increased requirements for obtaining citizenship, as it is to stay and be a resident for more than – usually in the Spanish case-10 years in Spanish territory, but being bound by the marriage of convenience the terms of residence is reduced to a year, which is much more likely be because normally foreigners are deported long before the due deadline, unlike when there is a link to by law as is the marriage of convenience.

But countries that have a high volume of foreigners have taken steps to prevent this scam at the continuing marriage of convenience, so to grant or permit to conduct the marriage is taken as a preventive measure to conduct individual hearings detect as much as those who wish to pursue a marriage in a transparent manner and those who seek to make a marriage of convenience, in such hearings as it seeks to compare both subjects are known, making certain questions to each one separately and and establish how likely it is that is a real union or a marriage of convenience, but this happens often long and despite the efforts of countries to avoid carrying out this type of simulation, the marriage of convenience – continues to increase the number of foreigners become part of the country in which they reside, which is achieved through the marriage of convenience to give in exchange for the payment of money.