Your Collection Of Whiskey

You dream up a collection of spirits, so that a bar or tavern was attractive and looked like museum halls? Fill it with rarities, to settle a couple of unique "items." To do this, navigate to species diversity, and brands. Information to master – the sea, because the history of alcohol has the millennium. Each drink will give you not only a delicious taste strong, but also some amazing stories. Meet the national liquor of various countries. What do you know about Calvados and tarasun? Forming a decent collection of alcohol, be guided by elite drinks.

So you can feel involved in the the best thing humanity has reached the preparation of alcoholic beverages, to succumb to the magic of this quality, charm rich taste. And – do not be afraid dependency! Elite drinks and so good that they do not drink too much, enjoying and trying new types. Uncork a bottle collector – a real feast. For some indicators, you will learn that the drink – an elite or premium? It is important, several points: country of manufacture, time of exposure, the well-known brand, and last but not least – the price. First the geography.

Not be expected to produce the best absinthe in Japan, and Mezcal – in Finland. Everyone knows that home Cognac – France, America is responsible for the whiskey, England – for gin, vodka and the best – in France and Russia. The method of storage, time of exposure, sometimes hand-made alcoholic drink is not just an elite, but his every bottle – famous. During this meet-known brands. Therefore, guided by the most famous manufacturers of cognac, whiskey or order a drink, who decided to try it today. Such producers are improved over the centuries in production, often supports the family tradition. Who else but they know a lot about an elite drink. Of course, this product simply will not be able to "buy on the cheap" – elite drinks are always expensive. It remains only to establish the authenticity of the bottle. Over time, you'll feel comfortable, featuring a piece from a fake copy. Do not forget that this connoisseur and gourmet features – the ability to drink. After all, for each beverage require special conditions, a suitable case, utensils and a way of drinking. Make your collection varied. Even if you prefer only hard liquor, you have a huge selection. Pick up some kinds of vodka, collection brandy, add brandy, gin and grappa. So you can easily to each festive (or not) the occasion to choose the right drink, any of the guests will find themselves something interesting in your bar. Ability to navigate in the elite beverages from around the world will make your bar appealing, tour impresses him. In order to pass for a real connoisseur and handyman, equip your bar all that is needed for mixing cocktails. On the basis of strong drink, they are especially popular.