Victorian English

Marx with the Capital formulated a new conception of the society and the distribution of the wealth. On account of the queen Victory it was also a time where the moral had a basic paper. He was in this period that literature started to have a moralizante and pedagogical paper. The Victorian English … when they needed advice, appealed to literature; when they wanted to linger itself, appealed to literature; when they wanted even though to strengthen its peculiar dogmatismo, also appealed to literature. It does not have as to think the Victorian Age without associating with its great writings and writers, without tying with this period a literature of so distinguished aesthetic and social value.

(MORAL, 2004, p.36) Being thus, or the authors dedicated its workmanships to literature pedagogical or then, they wrote texts that criticized the society with deep moralizante. ' ' … novels had to entertain its readers and, at the same time, to offer teachings of deep moral' '. (they ibidem, p.30). However, these critical ones were made by a refined irony that intended to make with that the society decided the social problems that were hidden. The principle the workmanship of Carroll is not fit in none of these two types of texts, therefore the author was considered a writer whom he wrote only for the entertainment of the children. However, if to analyze the workmanship with more intent eyes, perceive that Lewis Carroll used of the fancy to make a critical one to the suffocated condition that the individual of the time was facing on account of innumerable requirements and social rules.

We have as example … great families where the father was a species of head the holy ghost, and the mother, a creature submissa … (BURGESS, 2006, p.215). Summarizing, despite of grotesca form, it is possible to say that the Victorian Age was a time that produced literature and writers worried about the education and the moral of the society, restraining the individual will.