Venta Online E-commerce

What is f-commerce? E-commerce through Facebook, the largest social network in the world. A new term that marketing departments have to add to your list of tasks of the 2011. Facebook strives to be less a social network, and most e-commerce platform. And is that much has changed since the early days of Facebook that is didn’t know well what would be its business channel: it first started with Facebook Ads, he followed this with social games and the facebook credits (of which Facebook gets 30% of profits), and now the f-commerce. There are many applications that are being developed to convert the pages of company in online stores in which the user does not have to leave the social network to make the purchase.

The benefits of e-commerce focused on viral and user experience: social integration of sales, recommendations, traffic, contextualization and virality of the products are the biggest advantages. And the secret of the success goes through the usability of the applications that are used, in this case the opportunity to create a user experience is huge and must not waste it; and the integration of f-commerce in online marketing and e-commerce, brand strategy, still a change must occur in the mentality of the majority of the people. At the moment already are several brands that have proved good luck in the world of e-commerce via Facebook: Disney sells tickets, line area Delta created an own ticket sales application, and is now Asos is going to launch to sell on Facebook at the end of this month. Still no results can improve, but that it is clear that f-commerce is one of the internet marketing trends for 2011.