UN Security Council

In 2003 Washington led the invasion on Iraq on the grounds that this Republic possessed weapons of mass destruction that could launch on Europe in minutes. When he is was discovered that causal bliss of war was false, Bush, Blair and their allies were discrediting and the Iraqi resistance was Mediterranean. A few days ago 16 U.S. intelligence agencies have revealed that Iran since 2003 abandoned its efforts to equip itself with nuclear weapons. This is to be tapped by the ayatollahs to demonstrate that Bush tried to lie to prepare to attack them again. Despite the fact that today France has turned toward support line takes us to Iran, lose weight go towards an offensive military against the Persians.

Bush has been losing popularity and elections to relieve it are in less than 12 months. U.S. is stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has friends like Russia, China, Viet Nam and Libya on the new UN Security Council and his regime has more money, weapons and domestic support that the that Saddam Hussein had. International analyst original author and source of the article.