When a consulting one is put under a distance of letters of the tarot, often the tarotista asks to himYou want to know everything? , with the intention to hide to him to the misfortunes, if something very negative exposed in the distance. They allow the consulting one to choose, itself it is going to receive the good news, or if it is preparation to see the reality, so what naipes of announces it to the tarot. In the personnel, always I want to know everything, because it seems to me an attitude coward not to confront the bad thing that the life has to us provided, because although we do not want it to know, will happen anyway. It is like the attitude of the ostrich, that hides the head in an Earth well, thinking that of that way it hides all their body and is safe from its enemies. The best thing is to find out the worries that can wait to us in the future, because of that way we will be better preparations to confront what it comes. Do not create you who the victims of the Titanic had wanted to know a pair of hours before what she hoped to them, and thus to be better preparations? The tarot always suggests scenes. We must remember that the decisions we, the human beings take, thanks to a divine gift that is called Free Will. We decided what we will do in last case, and that is what us it makes authentically free.

The tarot can orient to us, about the ways most advisable, or less difficult, but the one will be the traveller that chooses what destiny to take. One of the arcane ones of the feared tarot more is the Death. It is possible to emphasize that the true name of this archetype is the Transformation. The death in himself is part of the life, of the cyclical process of the life of all the Earth human beings. Until this notion one is confirmed by the basic principles of the conservation of energy: nothing is lost, everything becomes. The existing matter and the energy in the Universe are constant from the beginning, from Big Bang.

Simply, everything is become, is changing, is changing of state, physical form. The death is not the aim, does not stop the believers at least. But it is the beginning of another stage. Inclusively, in the tarot, the Death not always talks about necessarily the death of a relative or a loved being, or to our own death. Simply it announces that it is the aim of a stage, something to us important is going to happen in our lives, and the tarot comes up to us with this. The things cannot continue like until now, the tarot comes up to us. It is in us knowing how to adapt to us to this change with intelligence, being tried to capitalize all the experiences, until the refusals, and extracting a learning of all the situations. The tarot warns to us that a new chapter in our lives is abre. You are preparation?