The Population

they concurred for the task to interpret for the population place, ' ' novidades' ' of the time. For example, the first ones wanted a diletante club, of parties and would honor; ' ' put literatos' ' they wanted the debate, the leaf printed and the mood against what they denounced delay of the Country and the population. Galhofa that it seemed to intimidate the established ones and that became them ferinos in the critical one the bohemian customs, relating this style of life to ' ' putrefao moral' '. Reactionary seduction of the established ones that they coexisted, for the moralista approach with the great modern impasses, even so, in the Europe, similar sorts the aristocrats and bohemians if collated in the premessengers who the Belle poque nervously procurve to dissimulate, forgetting the threats the continental war, them totalitarismos and of the barbarity that went up to around the European civilization and its decanted progress latent. It was decanted, however, the modern myth that Science made to unclasp in the beliefs of many intellectuals when attending machines and great cities to transform the landscape into less of one generation. In counterpart, the sensation of impotence ahead of history, that is romantically defended ' ' master of vida' ' e, then, did not obtain to follow this weak and wild time.

it created this feeling of moral impotence. However, the time of the speed and the discovery that assumed, mainly, the notice spread quickly in the body of the texts printed matters, ahead made possible the daily confrontation of ideas and position of ' ' novidades' ' that they came of the capital of the Country or distant lands. The periodic ones improvised that appeared where want that if surrounding scholars spread and the latent conflict between the romanesca erudio and the modernity of pasquim jocoso and deleterious is examples of this moment of strikes of deep moralista, literary politician and.