The Government

Deny is able to, be, stay, overcome I have heard with sympathy surprised how people who never had a Reed or has nothing in the present exclaims mode more franco that the country is going to pique with Chavez. This is to judge the facts from the favorite angle of wild capitalism: having or having. In other words, people political who bet what they don’t have or they have never had to defend the system that has impoverished them. I hard to digest, no? But we have already said, the matter is understood by this susceptibility of human to be manipulated through different media and forms to others most powerful installed between the eyes. And I also heard the real scammers of history: that with his political and media power placed a means of handling the people over his head to pervert it, harness it, borregalizarlo. For that go against himself, even against their own life and interest if it is possible, as it is well known succeed political and psychological shock measures applied to the masses, remnants of the old experiment Nazi consider stupid man plunged into groupings, lost its individuality, docile believer in a truth made lie after repeating it ten thousand times. Scorns the notion by humanity.

These scammers are those who speak of unemployment, poverty, disasters, bankruptcy, hunger, illiteracy, chaos, for reasons that hardly explain. They pronounce the words to consciousness, with the full calculation of lying to stop, knowing that in most of the categories that they mention international agencies qualifiers have declared overcoming or progress. Examples abound: index of human development, social inequality, literacy, education, health and poverty reduction. But let us know your story: when they say loss of employment do not refer to fools that follow them, but to themselves, that already not able to employ so many assholes to exploit them as they have traditionally done. When they talk about poverty refer to themselves, but not because the muchachotes do not have what to eat, but because the political system changes them and they already do not get rude earnings before. When they speak of freedom of expression is not because they or the people can say what they think, but because their manipulative lies not already submitted and lose so much idiot as before. Etc. They are, the exploiting minority, that sink, next to your beloved slave system.

The world is changing, as it changed the country, but do not stop in the destabilizing lament that practice from that felt his prebends floor tremble. They sink and invite his foolish followers to sink too, with full capacity of lost worlds that they developed with their money and their universities. Even with large economic powers, they embaucan to many unsuspecting with their adventures and manipulations. See and do not go so far, finally: keep an eye just to the Bank that just intervene, without real to cover the ahorrista but covered in its funds by the Government. See, think, see with that result? Rant savers who pays you your savings (the Government) and worshiping bandits bankers who rode them a helmet of major bankruptcy and who are currently fleeing abroad. Do pursuant to which such preciousness of logic and thinking, supporting whom hitting and spitting at the who helps? Read the article again so that you get the answer.