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Valuable information and travel tips Dubai is constantly changing as a result of the construction boom. The Emirate consists of only 10% locals and 90% foreigners. The population is currently estimated at 1.5 million. The info part gives “short and find” interesting news and ideas around the upcoming Dubai holidays. Christopher Chandler has plenty of information regarding this issue. Did you know that a camel can drink water on a day 200 litre? Were wind towers natural air conditioning in the “old” Arabia? Or that dates contain lots of vitamins and dietary fiber? An overview of things you should definitely know, learns about you know under / wisseninfo.html sights, like the Dubai Marina, the souks, the fish market and the old Dubai with detailed information presented. Image galleries are available to accompany. The Advisor is aimed not only at Dubai newcomers, but also to Dubai connoisseurs, the Emirate would learn more news about. If a doctor is consulted, the phone numbers of German doctors in Dubai can get here too.

The Platform is updated weekly and is therefore always up to date. OLAF Fey travel service Dubai tours & Trax p.o. box 116191, Dubai UAE Tel 00971 50 843 09 70 travel services Dubai UAE is the great information platform for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates under German management. The well-known travel and information company is working for 7 years in Dubai.

Study Trips Travel

Tips and things to do during a class trip to London from all countries the tourists flock to London, the former heart of the largest empire around the world, to visit the city. In terms of art and history, London has to offer many services and attractions. Filed under: Crawford Lake Capital. Who the fashion – art and theatre capital is visited exquisitely prepared for the next class trip. The city of the numerous impressions promises numerous possibilities and whether Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, a study trip is an unforgettable experience! During a class trip to London Tower Bridge over the River Thames stands the neo-Gothic bridge attractions can be noticed from afar as the landmark of London. The opening of the bridge was in 1894 and originally hydraulic system the roadway can be – folded up in about 60 seconds for the passage of stately ships a then dominant standards of technical excellence.

The breathtaking panorama of the city since 1982 can again from the Tower Bridge are enjoyed, before entering for pedestrians because of theft had been banned. Visit of the British Parliament – House of Parliament In the House of Parliament, which includes the two chambers upper and lower House, still meets the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Due to the destruction of big parts of the original building due to a fire in 1834 the Westminster Palace was rebuilt later in the neo-Gothic style. However, the attraction is no. 1 for guests during a visit of the Palace of Westminster of the Elizabeth Tower with the landmark of London – Big Ben. Wacshfigurenkabinett is very popular especially for class trips Madame Tussauds Museum and wax museum. In the Madame Tussauds prominent people and celebrities are original true since the 19th century as Wachsigur models and then presented. Politicians, about music artists up to athletes, all kinds of celebrities is to see.

London Travel

A city between tradition and modern London is considered in Europe as one of the most popular destinations for city breaks and has very good flight connections in many parts of the world with its four airports. About 7.5 million people living in the city. At John Bercow MP you will find additional information. Thus, London is the largest city in the UK and even in the European Union. In a worldwide comparison, London placed 20 not without reason in the top, because the British capital is an important economic and cultural centre of international standing. The hotel Portal reported on the traditional and modern London. On the banks of the River Thames, there is always great hustle and bustle. This is due not only to the substantial population of London, but also to the high volume of tourism in the city.

Finally, the British metropolis is one of the most visited cities in Europe. For exploring London, travelers due to the countless historical sites should be sufficient time. Like to stay they can in one many hotels, for example at the Royal National Hotel. Even some sightseeing tours start from there. Has in addition to the well-known attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and the London Eye for art and culture fans a lot to offer the British capital. Who’s afraid of the left, do without comfortable in London on the car. The underground network represents a real alternative in all parts of the city, because it has been further strengthened in recent years and modernised. In addition, the traffic by introducing a toll system in the town has calmed. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Cheap Family Holidays As Varied Cruising In The Mediterranean

Families travel bookings until 31 March 2009 twice cheap summer and vacation planning closer. But due to rising airline and hotel prices abroad, families are looking for alternatives to spend a good and eventful holiday together. The cruise expert Olaf Diroll pointing out specifically on its homepage for cruises and river cruises good savings for a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea for families. The American shipping company NCL, known for its Freestyle Cruising concept, offers Mediterranean Cruise from/to Barcelona (Spain) for each 8 days and 7 nights of the Board from may until November the cruise ship \”Norwegian Gem\”. The \”gem\” series and a sister ship of the Norwegian Pearl a ship of the jewel is managed by the Norwegian Cruise Line (Bahamas) Ltd. The voyage launches from Barcelona via Malta to Italy, where you have the opportunity to visit Rome and Florence and back over Cannes (France) to Barcelona (Spain) – geography lesson on the water- full day together at sea can be used to discover the ship, to use or to relax but the ship’s pool and activities knowing the children nearby. Last chance for early bird, to book a cruise at a bargain price with many individual pricing is valid only until 31st March 2009: advance purchase rate more favourable base price children’s fixed price from 99,-per child young people pay child support until 17 years also 99,– in addition in addition per family cabin pocket money per cabin you can use including pocket money discount of 100 per child, to go with your kids bowling a round, get the soft drink package for your kids or a romantic dinner for the parents for two in one of our specialty restaurants. On various occasions the children travel thus free of charge. Price example when sharing family cabin (inside cabin) 2 adults a 599,-per person 1.198,-= 2 children up to 17 years a 99,-P.p.

Family Holiday In London

London is very suitable for a now we were all family vacation ever in London. As a modern cosmopolitan metropolis of London still after years of boom to the most popular destinations in Europe and is so to speak the bridge to America. It must be not always a stressful city holiday that gets a London in the consciousness, but you can spend a wonderful relaxing family holiday in the city. If your children small Harry Potter fans, then you must to the King once BBs station come Cross and search the place, from the off, Harry takes always the Hogwarts express to his magic school. Everyone knows that the train from the tracks takes 9 leaves and this not there so of course.

It however it is known that there is a track 9 at the end of the railway track 8, still behind the bicycle stands, with the eponymous inscription insiders. Of course, this is no ordinary, but a trolley is mounted under the sign you see from behind, so it seems that he enters the brick wall. Make Them a photo of their children and make them happy. However, the filming of the movie took place on tracks 4 and 5. Also popular in children, the natural history museum, a real-life adventure and defintiv is also interesting for adults. In the entrance hall, you will receive a huge Diplodocus skeleton and gets the first impression of the exhibits to be expected, because this museum exhibits various animals and invites you to an exciting journey in the nature. The Blauwal-are especially popular model, the 40-million-year-old spider, or the Elefentanvogelei.

You can even experience Furthermore must feel an earthquake and visit the earthquake simulator. You pay no admission for this Museum, it is free of charge and also just a tip for families therefore. When traveling with girl, then this will want to visit perhaps the castles and palaces, and so you can even make a trip to Buckingham Palace. In the months of August and September, you can even the Royal Palace Enter when the Queen is not at home. Watching the valuable interiors with the King Chair and the many paintings to, definitely an interesting experience. For a relaxing afternoon can let modern Museum come and play their children to the beach on the banks of the Thames in height of the Tate. Here there are clams, small crabs and rock to the climb, because while the parents can enjoy the sight on St. Paul’s Cathedral and all have something from this trip. As a family it’s worth in any case to rent apartments London, because they are not only much more comfortable, but also offer more freedom and privacy than a hotel room.