China And Russia

Two decades back both were the majors communist powers. In order to overcome his economic stagnation Moscow it was liberalizing his political system and Peking was abriendo its market, but without resigning to the dictatorship of the unique party. The first way lead to that the Kremlin lost all partners of the Warsaw Pact, who went to NATO or the EU, and to that the Soviet Union was divided in 15 republics, decaying its economy in much more of 50%. The second way maintained to the plan and the monopoly of the power of a communist party that went returning best the encouraging one of the capitalist growth in the world. Peking, like before Moscow, administers to several national minorities. However, these do not have many recent independentistas traditions, China is more homogenous (92% of its inhabitants have) and Peking has obtained that from Dalai Lama to their separated Taiwan refuses to raise to split itself of China..

Florida Countries

As much prudence of those who govern the countries in va of development and the opposite of the developed countries, makes see us like microbes before podero of antibitico; they do not think that the microbes gradually are made resistant before with-biticos. Qu pensaran the Spaniards if the USA, finishes dividing the Basque province, the canary, the Asturian one, Gallego, the Catalan, the Andalusian and stops to count; or that, France lost to Bordeaux, that England loses to Ireland, Scotland, Country of Wales and other colonies, qu hara Germany if you would desmenbraran its country again. What it has happened to Kosovo, soon harn with other countries and the future bitter applause of now sern in lgrimas, is the price to say to him if to everything what to the USA it dares. In truth I do not imagine to Spain divided in ten parts or ms, but I reiterate, is necessary to begin to establish clear rules against the countries that divide, is a titnica task, but when you see the beards of your neighbor burn I not s if sometimes tambin we will see divided to the USA, Florida, California, Colorado, Michigan, Luisana and dems independent states. And the gold rule is not that, you do not do what you do not wish for t. And he is always the same, sataniza to a town, they make lies of all type, are elaborated tcticas and strategies, the lie structure like a insoslayable truth, soon comes zarpazo dressed bars and stars, they end any soberana and until us the Venezuelans we are not far from which they separate to Zulia and lake yet, and that the histrica unit, that the palafitos are only one utopa in vaco histrico of Venezuela, because these palafitos are the origin of the name of the country.