Intensive Therapy

To, Mr. Governing Ilustre of the State of Gois. It has times, the public system of goiano health faces a crisis that if aggravates more to each day, without the necessary financing, lack of contingent due to dismissal of the approved ones in competitions 2010 to diminish leaf of payment of the State of Gois and with a stopped managemental model, had the incompetence of its managers, the sector meets dived in problems, as the vacant scarcity in UTI (Unit of Intensive Therapy) more than generating two deaths per day for people of middle class/low that they need the Only System of Sade (SUS), that exceeded and insensitive politicians are the greaters electorates of these pain andthe desperation of the next one. These imperfections that are part of the routine of the majority of the public units of health of the capital and of the interior, that comes displaying the population the precarious conditions and until humilhantes due to comprometimento of them you lead politicians with the quality of the assistance given to the population. Situation sufficient fellow creature is also observed in the conveniados private hospitals with the Only System of Sade (SUS), filantrpicos or not. Although the increase of the population, in the last few decades, the hospital net public goiana did not earn in amount and lost in quality, while the State of Gois was who more earned in amount of taxes collected and received for the federal government in the quality of life of its governing, therefore the paid population the wages/taxes and stewardships of the politicians (governors, councilmen, state deputies) and reelect still them again to continue to pay and to suffer.

For all these reasons many lives that could have been salutes, had not been. In the ambulatoriais services (Wharf, Ciams and Postos de Sade) and in the Programs of Health of Famlia (PSF), the managers more are worried about statisticians, amount and not with the quality of the given attendance. To modify significantly and to improve the bad management of the system of public health in Gois, we need, in state and municipal spheres, of measures of impact as to disponibilizar more stream beds of UTI, better conditions of work and atendimentos, as the central brilliant of UTI online created in SP, will be that it is so difficult to think about the population and its primary rights: health, security and education. As voter who believed false promises of campaign politics, I not only demand and, I request improvement for all the users of this badly managed Only System of Health, that is responsibility of all, government and city.

Municipal Secretary

The fact is that some managers already start to visit Palms, was the case of mayor Helder Igncio Salomo of the city of Cariacica? YOU ARE, that it received reference from the MEC? Ministry of the Education on the good education of the tocantinense capital. The municipal net extends offers of vacant, in Quadra 1,306 South (Arse 132), where the City hall develops a habitation program, was announced opening of licitation for construction of School of Integral Time? ETI, having still a forecast of delivery of the ETI in the sector F Saint in the December month, is visible the transformation of the palmense education. The structures physics of the pertaining to school units are enviable, primando for the cleanness, for the comfort, offer of pedagogical didactic material, real valuation of the professionals, that does not pass only for 14 wage granted to the professionals in which the schools reaches average 6,0 in the IDEB, but also concession of after-graduation courses that are certainly valuation for all life of the professional. Conclusion However, the distinguishing factor of extreme importance of the education must be the proximity that the necessary manager to keep of the team, not of one ‘ ‘ stocking dzia’ ‘ of people, but of all the involved ones in the educational process. It is basic factor for a good administration who the manager is knowing really as they are and what they think commanded its, therefore messages of third never transmits integrally the truth. Justice must be clamada, the results needs to be commemorated independent of the options politics and partisans of each citizen, certainly are fruit of the administration carried through for the Secretary as manager of the Municipal Secretary of the Education, that becomes its good ideas in action through the support of Mayor Municipal, thus, she is necessary sincerely to congratulate to both and to that they make the education of Palms a case of success of public administration.

Modern Politics

Express the transformation of what he is of the private scope in class actions in the space pblico' '. For Saule (1998), they assign to all the performances of the State, covering all the intervention forms of the public power in the social life. Under a social perspective, Pear tree (2006) admits that the public politics are enrolled in the scope of the social fight and aim at to face or to answer to the social matters, over all to that one decurrent of the capital relation versus work or the resultant assimetrias of this relation. Important to detach the definition of Schiochet in verbete? Public politics? in the related workmanship most recent to the solidary economy? International dictionary of the other economy? , where it recognizes that the public politics are ' ' the proper initiative of the government (or Been) that it is organized in plans, programs and aes' ' …. The author still strengthens that, in ' ' Modern state and its democratic governments, the scope of the public politics is the citizenship, understood as the relation between State and civil society mediated by direitos' ' (SCHIOCHET, 2009, P.

268). In this direction, the binomial? public politics and solidary economy? it means a promising combination for the economic development and social just of the Country, mainly when one says respect to the questions related to the work generation and income and rescue of the citizenship. It constitutes thus, according to Saravia (2006, P. 35), ' ' a sectorial contribution for the search of well-being coletivo' '. 2.2.2. The Brazilian reality: of the federal dimension to the municipal theatre From the previous consideraes, this sub-section consists mainly of an indicative picture of the state and municipal administrations who adopt the solidary economy as public politics. Ademais, under a concise story, we present the federal dimension saw Secretariat National of Economia Solidria (SENAES).