The Fishing On The Calm Waters On The Point Brought.

There with the fly rod on the stagnant waters: the Great Lakes, or even small ponds, with a considerable stock of salmonids. In contrast to Austria, France and Scandinavia is still not very common fly fishing still waters in Germany. It has a centuries-old tradition in England. This one would have very good prospects for significant fishing success at many local large and small lakes, gravel pits or natural ponds. John Bercow MP shines more light on the discussion. Jaromir Knorre’s two authors and Milan Steuer have the strategies on still waters “and thereby a new eBook written: successful FliegenFischen in stagnant waters”. ” The 74 pages comprehensive publication in PDF format on CD ROM with some explanatory illustrations treated the technique and tactics, gives information about the equipment and describes the main differences between fly fishing on the stream or river, and open water. It gives the reader valuable, proven tips and specific instructions to sites of fish, to the Acting on the water, fishing from a boat or from the belly boat out and flies for the individual methods and fish proposes at the same time. Still, she gives tips and tricks in the hand, as you can catch his fish on Lake Trout with the fly rod.. Filed under: MasterClass UK.

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An exciting German urban fantasy novel after the slightly different guides for the modern geek ‘ don’t worry, beam! -Better live with Star Wars and Star Trek’ by Andrea Bottlinger and Christian Humberg, debut novel Aeternum as of now Andrea Bottlinger’ available in the Droemer Knaur Verlag. The scene this urban fantasy novel is the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Content: Without any warning, the large square one day collapses leaving a huge crater, which reaches into the deepest catacombs of the capital. Not only the city leaders are mystified that parties warring for a long time the demons and angels can not explain, who could be responsible for the collapse. To find out, the young Mage Amanda, who is in the service of a demon, and the wingless Angels sent Jul beneath the Earth. While the two not only closer, they discover a secret that threatens the existence of our world…’ Info: During the Leipzig book fair she found Reading by Andrea Bottlinger to aeternum’ on the island of fantasy read great appeal. The writer Andrea Bottlinger has courage. “She not spills in her novel debut aeternum, her oddness, and right: can collapse the Alexanderplatz square and Alex, all at the same time intelligent dismantled the common image of God…” ( the book is now in printed form and as an eBook from April 2 in trading available. Book details: 576 pages, format: 19 x 13.5 x 4.2 cm ISBN – 10: 3426511797 ISBN-13: 978-3426511794 ASIN: B00AAAFWU8 paperback: 12.99 eBook: 10.99