Black Sabbath Experience

‘ I WANT TO BE OZZY’ ‘ Nowadays if he cannot say in rock or metal without mentioning Ozzy. But this quandary goes very beyond music, if it relates almost in the totality to the charisma one, sense of mood, the tragedies, drugs, and pitada of ‘ ‘ f*de – se’ ‘ in the life of John Michael Osbourne. In its autobiografia, ‘ ‘ I am Ozzy’ ‘ , John discloses finally its true and complete history, most of the time controversial, that for uninformed people is counted repetidamente focusing the disagreements and episodes of its life that they beiram ridicule, as to pull out the head of an alive bat with teeth in a show to the living creature, or to smell a career of ants. Michael Ellis MP brings even more insight to the discussion. Counting to the details its life, it he meticulously explains each step of the avenue that goes since a small house in a slum quarter of England ties multimillionaire mansions, describing each curve and hole of this complicated and turbulent trip in which it calls life. Unhappyly, this reading is not for all, guarantees that the experience is not the same one for who does not appreciate its music. Saying this, still I lead in consideration that the mood in this workmanship is constant, for the reason of that it is inevitable to imagine it in the situations where he himself in the account. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Christopher Chandler on most websites. Retaking, the dumb experience completely, therefore hearing its musics since the beginning in the Black Sabbath, passing for the phase of the drugs and drink in excess, of the expulsion of the Black Sabbath, the start of the alone career, the death of its guitarist and better friend, the return superficially, the countless problems in function of the drink today ties the start of the end of its career, can be folloied its emotions of the songs, be captured the essence, the message inside of they, together on the reading of the book, in which it explains the surprising history of many of its musics, and counts on each musician with which it already worked, being an incredible experience to read on them he hears while them to touch, differentiating each detail in the harmony of weighed ‘ ‘ riffs’ ‘ , and each detail on the musician in the words of Ozzy.


The coureiro-caladista industry of the Valley of the Bells is based on small average companies manufacturers of feminine leather footwear, having in its return other companies who compose the productive chain. Around this structure a organizacional structure with 6 industrial associations, 2 professional associations, 1 company was formed organizer of events, 4 technological centers for the specialized rendering of services and training of man power, beyond the schools techniques and existing schools of superior level in the region. In Votuporanga? SP, exists an established productive structure in small average producing companies of furniture, and the specialization of the companies in specific stages of the production process is sufficiently common. The grouping calls attention for the organization and the participation on local organizations the industry. Shared programs of certification of quality and programs of implantation of centers of technologies and qualification of man power exist in the region. From then on strong potential for the generation of positive externalidades was created, to leave mainly of the cooperation process that if establishes enters the participant agents of the process. Between the cited examples, one perceives that they are centered in the regions south and Southeastern, what it characterizes that to develop the competitiveness, the MPEs need a set of specific territorial assets.

Then it is not only enough to stimulate implantation of accumulations, but concomitantly to offer assets that potencializem the production and the commercialization of this production. The heterogeneidades regions make with that to be to have success in a strategy of accumulations, the solutions must be differentiated by territory, also involving of differentiated form the involved actors. The State must act as a market regulator, without in it intervening, to stimulate other partners; to develop the human and social capital; to stimulate the associativismo, to desburocratizar, to reduce the taxation, and finally, to democratize the access to the credit and other competitive advantages.

Electric Net Data

This work registers the characterization of the transmission of data in the electric net, through an automatic system of device control saw net of electric feeding, will be described the involved protocols and concepts technician in the project. The work approaches the research and development aiming at to the characterization of a control system that uses the electric net of low existing tension as media and that it will be constituted of: a main unit, that sends the commands them devices to be controlled; a white unit, where the devices properly said (as household-electric cameras, devices, etc.) for the communication with the main unit will be connected. The modem used for the development contains integrated circuits special that condition and treat the signals proceeding from the electric net and manage (for half of protocol) all the communication process enters the units of the system. The development provides a clear vision with relation of the use of the electric net as half data-communication; approaching cost x benefit in the use of conventional handles or use of an existing structure already (electric net), beyond opening a fan of new procedures and alternatives of nets for new models of traffic of data. Word-key: Automation, Electric Net, Protocol, Interface, Electronics.

1. Introduction This work characterizes to the use of handles of the electric net, for transmission of data and information between devices; the idea to send electric signals for the communication in the same cabeamento of the net of electric energy is so old how much the proper telegraph, the installed device number of communication with dedicated cabeamentos exceeds the installed device number very that uses electric net AC (Current Alternated) as half of transmission. One of the great problems in the transmission of data in nets of electric energy is the injection of carriers high-frequency, necessary to reach adequate taxes of communication to the residential, commercial and industrial automation. The net of electric energy, as well as its components (transforming, capacitors, lines of transmission, engines, etc.) has its settled project so that it has a bigger efficiency in the frequency clock of 60Hz, or in other words, the electric net is projected to supply power, and it does not stop transmitting given.

Paran Rice

THE JAPANESE: In 1922 the Japanese mission commanded by Eizo Yamashina arrives at Brazil, this mission had the importance in the sprouting of vias cities in the north of the Paran, contributing in its alimentary habits. The majority consists of raw foods, valuing its appearance, therefore &#039 is also eaten; ' with olhos' '. Examples are some sushis in cold plates and the hot plates, that also are several, based always with fish, the use of some vegetables as the turnip, carrot and rice, sleeve and kiwi that they are very used fruits, shoyo, the typical drink, sake, the typical pepper and wasabi. THE TROPEIROS: Through the way of Viamo they had contributed very and with the local culinria, therefore they brought dry foods that if did not spoil, charque known in the south region as dry meat, the maize cassava flour, rice, lard, beans, foods found in the way example the nut. Of these ingredients plates had appeared that had contributed with the fan of options of our state: paoca of meat, paoca of charque, quirera of maize, carreteiro rice, farofa of nut, lombo with nut, pig in tacho, etc. THE MINERS AND NATIVES OF SO PAULO: These two very similar kitchens between itself and of great acceptance.

They are known as culinria caipira, sidewalk in the maize, pig, chicken and egg, having a prescription infinity I contend ingredients as gumbo, jil, maxixe, inhame, cassava, potato-candy, borecole, fruits as goiaba, banana, papaya, pumpkin and others that if transform into excellent compotes and candies of tacho. Also the use of milk to manufacture is great derived as artisan cheeses and candies and many cachaas and artisan liquors. 3. SOME TYPICAL PLATES OF THE PARAN The influence of diverse peoples made with that the alimentary habits were incorporated of different form in each region of the state.