Starting To Set Up Your Account In Twitter

Register an account at Twitter East process is very simple. You must only register through the green button located at the top right of the home page of Twitter. Later you will have to enter your basic information: full name, user, password, and email address. Your user a warning on this point, unlike other web sites, Twitter user name is very important. If you make a bad choice you’ll see decreased your chances of generating large amounts of followers. In many ways is like selecting a domain name. You must be related to the brand you wish to promote, either your own person, your web site or a product in particular. Register your real name as a user is the easiest way of capturing your personality among your followers.

While more real you look more reagents will be your tweets. For the purposes of online marketing, your user name must be related to the segment to which you are going. Include derivatives of those keywords that identify your business will be key to achieve your followers find you. Salta the next steps a once have registered your username you consult if you want to search for contacts who have a Twitter account in your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL mail accounts. The idea is that you become his followers subsequently inviting to those who do not have account to create it.

Unless your contacts are closely related to the theme of your future messages on Twitter I advise you to skip this step. Your main page or Homepage in it you will see a status bar wondering what?. Here is where you write your tweets. To the right of the page you’ll see the option to direct messages. These are sent by your followers and vice versa. These messages can only be viewed by the recipient. To send a direct message (private) you must type in the message box a (d) and the user name of the person receiving with a @ placed (d @usuario). If you want to write to someone in particular only put @nombredeusuario in the text box.