Personal Loan

Personal loans can be classified into two groups according to their time in that it takes to get the money and requires the institution guarantees to ensure recovery of the loan. You can also distinguish different types of loans, taking into account the interest rate applied to them which can be fixed, variable and mixed. CONSUMER CREDIT OR PERSONAL LOAN Capital provided: $ 3,000 Amortization period: 1 year * APR: Between 7'06% and 10'04% Monthly: Between 260 and EUR 264 Total interest payable: From 116 euros and 172 euros funded Capital : 12,000 Repayment term: 5 years APR: Between 7'06% and 10'04% Monthly fee: 238 euros and 252 euros Total interest payable: Between 2277 and 3312 euros * APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Includes all costs to be paid on the loan (nominal interest, appraisal fees and opening, life insurance, etc.).. Please note: Some banks offer a single type of loan, regardless of use that will give the amount requested, and have no provision for education, buying a car or reforms. The interest rate in each case will therefore depend on the person seeking the loan and your banking history. CAR LOAN OR CREDIT funded Capital: 12,000 Repayment term: 5 years APR: Between 8'06 and 9'84% Monthly: between EUR 244 and EUR 254 Total interest payable: Between 2620 and 3241 euros euros Please note : Look, in addition to the bank or savings bank at the dealership where you go to buy the vehicle. Sometimes linked to financial companies that offer their clients loans with favorable interest rate than some banks.