Labour Party

If the Browns and Livingstone had tried to mount in the wave pro-Socialist who came from Spain and France his chances had improved. Instead of it Brown gave to Sarkozy the best reception him than London has given him to a French president in decades, consequently it cannot canalize that wave anti-conservative. At this point he is very difficult to avoid that the conservatives manage to be the first force within the Assembly of London or that they return to win in the majority of the 15 London zones where a representative chooses itself directly before this one. Nevertheless, Livingstone can give a fight and still give the surprise to return to gain the mayorship. It has said that this is the most difficult battle of its life, is a teacher in the tactics and is, possibly, the Labour Party member more popular than it has.

A possible victory tory in London would do that for the first time the mayorship of this large city, created in the 2000, happens at the hands of the right. Livingstone will say that is a disaster because it would affect his programs of reduced in price transport and house and to the multi-ethnic and modern character that has wanted to impose to him to London. The conservatives, on the other hand, will see that triumph like a scaling to mine and to demote to the laborismo and to make a government who wants to invigorate the economy being fomented less imposed but more privatizations and concessions to the investors and that also tries to control more to immigration and the crime. While for Brown it is a positive thing to be so near the president French and Livingstone being within the pro-government party, the certain thing is that the alliance of the new laborismo with the European conservatives in the end ends up working in favor of tories and that the gobiernismo of Ken finishes being its heel of Aquilles. Original author and source of the article.