Google AdSense

How to make money on AdSense? Part 4. Continue their experiments with the possibility of earning on Google AdSense. Previous parts of this vebseriala 🙂 You can read on my blog. I had to dig pretty on the Internet in search of useful information. K Unfortunately nothing really valuable is not found. An incredible number of training courses mostly banal rewrite support site or scam Google with "left" screenshots of superzarabotkah. The last such course, which I came across in his quest is MoneyMaster.

I do not want to say that it is bad policy, it is really a lot of useful information for beginners. This course is desirable. But! If you decide to make on this course, you will find many months of work, before you earn the first $ 1,000. 1.Tot same question remains unanswered, why apply the technology earnings for $ X if you earn DAY $ 2X? That is 2 times more than the course itself. I think the answer is clear and hedgehog :-)) 2.

Why Buy good feedback about the course for $ 5, you've heard that Mercedes would buy ratings on their cars? No? That's right, a good thing in this matter does not need. 3. With the screen writer also punctured, the game called 'Find the 10 differences'. If you look closely look at the skins, the catch will find. If he put a normal screens, with small numbers, it would IMHO attaches great importance to the product itself. This suggests that the author has decided to earn extra money for product information, not revealing the secrets of his earnings if he really has this income. which I sincerely doubt it. In general, the repeat rate is really useful. BUT for the experienced, Moneymaker, I do not recommend this day care, in good sense of the word. A little left of topic. In the last part already written about the paradox that the sites with a minimum attendance generate more revenue than the site with the attendance of 500-700. This trend continues for a week. And the reason topics sites. Highly visited the site entertaining subjects, and the price per click is rarely different from 0.01. The site with the theme of Internet business cost per click is less than 0.1 is rare. That is an average of 10 times. Conclusion:. Earn Adsense en You can, if stamped mini sites in batches. But this kind of business I do not personally very like, only on a trial basis. I will be experimenting with an increase in visitors. Made a few more sites in English, but there is still the result is zero, they are not yet indexed. We'll have to wait … PS: Yes, I almost forgot, if you need quality information to make money on the Internet, promoting sites, etc. Read online magazine Business Today, there assembled only qualitative information. Good luck and success!