Dignified Work

One old but very certain phrase says the following thing: ” the work dignifica”. This saying is totally certain since realising a work we can develop to our intellect and our physical abilities as as much mental. When practicing an activity that requires our effort. (work of distributor, surgeon, engineer, fireman ) we are helping us same to be better and to feel us contentments reason why has been made well and very. With the work we expressed what we felt, which we yearned for, we can indicate our ideas, we developed the creativity and the knowledge that we have more and more and we turned into important human beings for our family as well as for the society in which we lived. The work is means that have the man to reach its personal development, the one of its family and the one of the social set in which it lives (to work in supermarkets, hospitals, offices, banks ).

It is a basic right of the human being, who allows him to grow with dignity. Ever since the man is man had to work to subsist. In its beginnings, perhaps its work it would limit the hunting and the fishing, tasks to which with time variety based on improving its quality of life was adding him. Thus agriculture to begin will be shortage to work the Earth and to obtain from her numerous fruits, and with running of the diverse centuries developments began to also mean greater work to him but greater well-being: with several supplies of work it constructed houses, it created locomotion means, it was organized in society and it continued working to endow these societies with renewed benefits and to continue contributing to his well-being. Numerous discoveries and inventions contributed with their growth, and in the modern era a great technological progress already occurred thanks to the use of energy from the steam, in which the Industrial Revolution was called. This revolution was not another thing that the appearance of great factories between 1760 and 1830 (mainly in England), which they gave like result the sprouting of a social group until then nonexistent like so: the working class. Nowadays, when they continue existing serious situations and inequalities in the world of the workers (conductors, nurses, salesmen, police ) it is important to maintain one of the concepts present that the Pope Juan Pablo II has upset in the Encyclical Laborens Exercens, about the dignity of the work: ” the first foundation of the value of the work is the same man, its subject.