Determine Price

The second level, is the competition of the market, may have in selling clothes for ladies and a huge market, and that constantly demand the products that I sell, but the huge movement also creates more competition, so it is important that the publication of a notice of my products highlight among the majority. To make a product highlight between these 2 factors I have to take into account the offer that makes plays important role in this: the price: the price is an important factor, a too high price can lose interest instantly towards the publication, a price too low, can make doubt of the quality or the condition of the product. Values in relation to the market should be even smaller in small difference, there are traders who with only down a few cents, easily capture the attention of the customer, this is the basis of the 0.99 offers the product quality: product quality is very well seen by buyers, with products, the buyer takes into account the strength and durability of the sameIf we talk about services, who wants contractual references to works done that allow to give security to receive a quality service. Costs of Shipping: The shipping cost is also an important factor, it is constant to view ads of products where pay shipping the product with capital that had destined for discounts. Others taking advantage of direct delivery. WARRANTIES: In the supply of a product or service, every buyer takes very seriously the conditions which the seller offers, hence the constant ads how satisfaction guaranteed or we do return. Royalties: Royalties or discounts are a great attraction, perhaps clothing that I sells accompanied by a set of bracelets, that would have a low cost will also be catapult to a sale, sales of combos are an excellent choice, when the sum of the value of 2 products have a huge attraction.

Make an attractive offer is important to buy and sell in any area of the website, whether through free ads, pay per click or social networking systems, these factors should be placed around the table of product display. Continuation of: an effective ad can make a difference II reading Determine what you want to the public. III reading direct the ad to a target audience.