CLS Series

A genius on a short leash. "Foresight – to govern" – Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662) French mathematician, physicist, philosopher, writer, I greet you, my dear reader! Very, very glad to bring to your attention and interest. A long time ago already, One of the great scientist, in particular the sciences, found crying in the scenes where he had just been awarded the Nobel Prize for his outstanding work and achievements in their field. We decided that this reflection and this is his joy, because recognition is all the same! World! His consolation, they said – "Look! All envy you, my friends are glad for you, you – the best! Why are you crying? "A scientist has been phenomenal. – Why do all this? I've always life dreamed to be a dancer! I wanted to dance! Finish. Paragraph.

And a complete defeat. Apathy. Patience and work will bring anyone. And what result? No mediocre people, there is persistence (or its opposite) are worthy of more or standing appropriate to use. It's funny here is that freedom of choice still has not been canceled. It is quite possible to use it.

And worth it, believe me. It was also learned it! Always. Even now there is, if he is still alive. Get Human agree that he has no choice, and you get a slave. Or close to it in such a state that's the direction of transformation of personality. It is a popular method. Its nearly always use everything in our world, almost everything.