Bishop Jose Vilaplana

The center of the city of Huelva is already prepared for the coronation of the Virgin de la Victoria, which will take place Saturday morning in the Plaza of the Constitution, on the axis with the Gran Via, a location very near to the Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva with best location in the city. The altar where the ceremony will be conducted has an area of 850 square meters, and form semicircular, design of Luis Alburquerque.Coronation of the Virgin of the victory on Wednesday, once completed the works of carpentry, rake in Damascus fronts and bass and enmoquetara the entire surface. It has six different levels of height and will house the priests, concelebrants, curia, to Bishop Jose Vilaplana, Governing Board of the brotherhood of la Victoria, representation of the city of Huelva and other authorities and representations ecclesiastical and civil. The author of the designed explained an attempted plant represents the rosa de los vientos, symbol of the Crown of the Coronation, hence the idea of making the semicircular altar. So, tomorrow, Saturday from 17,45 hours, will begin the transfer of the image of Holy Mary of the victory to the coronation Altar, to 19.00 hours begin the same ceremony. Once concluded, from 21.30 hours, will begin the official procession of Holy Mary of the crowned victory. Acts continue to the subsequent days.