Benjamin Art

Benjamin in ' ' The work of art in the age of its reprodutibilidade tcnica' ' I distinguished the art between its ' ' value of culto' ' its ' ' value of exposio' '. For such Benjamin analysis it uses the aura concept, that stops it is the absolute singularity of a being. For Benjamin the decline of the aura if must ' ' diffusion and increasing intensity of the movements of the masses modernas' '. For it the work of art has in the authenticity ties to intern between its unit and its durability to it, and the modern masses desire that the things are ' ' more prximas' ' therefore wants ' ' to surpass the only character of all the facts by means of its reprodutibilidade' '. The art was created to become the holy ghost next and imanente, religious origin, giving it aurtica quality. Such quality remained same later that it left of being part of the religion. Its critical ' ' gira' ' around the new modality of if reproducing art, ' ' the reproduction technique, that allows the existence of the artistic object in series and that in certain cases as the photograph, the record and the cinema it becomes impossible to distinguish original and cpia' ' , on the other hand art considered this way them of reproduction a form of that more people have access it. It wanted the democratization of the culture, of form if to use of the medias criticizes to allow it would revolutionize. If the aura ' ' it is the absolute singularity of a being – natural or artistic -, its condition of unit nico' ' if it loses from the moment that the workmanships had obeyed the rules of the capitalist market, being thus, do not possess democratizador character. The capitalism took the work of art if to become merchandise, a distraction and a leisure for lucrative ends, taking the workmanship the loss of the aura.