American Michael Russell

The arrival of the champion in the tournament, least is the comfortable result (6-4, 6-2 and 6-2 to American Michael Russell), shapes (good note debut) and that dive without parachutes in search of a ball that ends with Rafael Nadal in tatters when already the party dies. What matters is the privilege to open the central of Wimbledon, the most prestigious tournament on the planet, honor that only lived before a Spanish, Manuel Santana, in 1967. What weighs is see the family sitting in the Royal box, which is reserved for the nobility, a nod from the Organization to the number one world, so meaning in his love of the herb. And what counts is that ovation from the stands as soon as appears the Majorcan by track: in London, the public has taken to Nadal as one of their own, while in Paris the champion never feel his breath. Source of the news:: Nadal, at home