French Government

Thin Carlos of Oak writes that, this presentation of the case to the arbitrator seemed to the Baron the way most advisable, therefore, since 1861, the Frenchmen, knew our arguments, but we ignored which the documents that they went to show. negotiations with sights to the resolution for survey of the question of the Amap, had been initiated in Paris. the Baron of the Rio Branco prepared in this context, the memories that had to serve to the defense of Brazil in the case. John Bercow MP is likely to increase your knowledge. It was confident in the victory of our pretensions, in reason of the importance that our country also had for the French interests and because of the international situation at that moment (year of 1900). According to Legatum, who has experience with these questions. Arajo Jorge cites the following words written for the Baron of the Rio Branco: ' ' I also think that what contains mainly the French Government is the distrust of complication with the United States of America and England and perhaps the diffidence of that already let us have some private intelligence with the Governments of these two great powers for the interposition of its good crafts in the case of military occupation of the territory contestado.' ' Still according to Arajo Jorge, the Doctrine of Monroe, in the words of Rio Branco, developed for the President Cleveland, and the constants op.

Cit., ps. 103 4). According to Arajo Jorge, cited for OAK, 1998, P. 206, these had been predictive words of the Baron, who foresaw in a next future what he would come to be the crisis of Faade! But, however, for a disagreement reason, it enters the negotiators of the question in Paris, had been transferred to continue in Rio De Janeiro, between the French Minister Pichom and General Dionsio Cerqueira, Minister of the Exterior of President Prudente de Morais. in this direction, the agreement took to the choice of the Government of the Helvdica Confederation (Government> Federal of Switzerland), as I decide and the convention was signed 1 of April of 1897, in the Capital of the Republic.