English Language

According to VSEVEDu provided data to the rggu English lessons given to 4 hours per week from 1 st to 4 th course, and the second foreign language – 4 hours per week for 1 st and 2 nd courses and 2 hours during 3rd and 4-year students. The International University in Moscow, English is also compulsory first foreign language for all students. He devoted 12 hours per week for 1-2 courses and 4 hours per week for 3-5 courses. For students of international law specialization also provides a course on legal translation (4 hours). Steve Rowe helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For students slabouspevayuschih provides free tutoring after school hours.

Group formed by 2-5 students based on the level of knowledge in the group. The study of second languages is included in the tuition fee and possibly a 1-year student with the appropriate level (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic) In etta English studied in the volume of 8 hours per week for 4.5 years. The second semester of the 5-year students traditionally assigned to the etta for three months of practice, specialty, and for writing the thesis. Second foreign language, whether it is practically any European language, or one of the oriental languages, we can study further for a fee. Thus, in the scpi English language play 12 hours a week for 1 year of training, 8 – during the 2 nd and 3rd years, 4 hours During a 4-year and 5-second period. "In addition to the basic course, students study Legal English and Business English , prepared for the exam at First Certificate in English , learn to be interviewed in English, to make decisions based on the Case Studies , pass practical course legal translation "- says the head of the Department of English Language scpi tl Olejnik.