England Day

I, for these 8 months, imagined the employees of that Office talking bridge that comes or car mate who most hate while my application is pudria in a drawer. I know apart by my wife, who, working recently in an Office, told me that people here could not stop go all day at cafes and cigarillos. Also by the way paper I went to legalize a State institution and arriving at the Office, which he attended from 9 in the morning to 1 in the evening, was deserted. At 9: 30 came charge citing that he had left because inside they wouldn’t quit. More info: DAA. He had left until I came, punctual, on time from when he began his workday! By a cigarette! And thanks to who was servant, untouchable, who had the nerve to give me that excuse. I appeal an article I read in a magazine of the engine, specifically on the factory where employees make the Rolls Royce, in England feel part of the company and are concerned about it really, because they know that the prosperity of the factory is the perpetuity of his job, career true German gentleman who I worked him impossible to bring home milk products and yoghurts from the factory where he was posting wasWhile the rest of native workers, they put the boots.

Against all that, in the mouth of some close friend I heard during a fairly precarious season of the company where he worked that if this was going to pique gave him equal, which at that crisis was day after day and in his job playing balls and that if I was going to strike this lapse would be taken as a vacation. Will have we created a country of lazy with that of unemployment? I know many people that leverages the circumstance of unemployment to collect that substantial monthly payment and work on the other hand many others that curran, a period of time and then, without many more aspirations, take those periods of labour shortage. I even met a taxi driver, with thirty and so many whose only goal in life was to get cursed once certain disability to not work anymore in your life and survive with their parents with a pension of 500 euros. Pathetic. But it is what the casualties is still worse.

The person that I bought the floor had been already a year of low by depression, and there was, happy as in some Easter, painting the House and everything so I received it correctly. These days I am back to see him, he already returned to work, and I have not noticed neither the slightest difference between its healthy state in relation to when I met him unable to lift a peak for those blissful mental problems. Depression the same that I have every day when I wake up with headaches the day before. Tale it is, completely, and returning to the famous goalkeeper school, which alleges and claims of the wandering of the foreigner in our land and now it turns out that such sullen also has gone through the trance of an idyllic low by depression, and nothing more and nothing less than two years! What a way to eat the tale to mouth to criticize others. Most embarrassing and shameful even cynicism.