Cultural Man

The undying belief in life after death already in early stages of cultural man has become thoughts about life after death. Often it was if not even the basis of incurred religions, even of the first religious thought. The sight of dead animals or even tribesmen must have inevitably how and where the question raised after. To deepen your understanding Tottenham striker is the source. Whither life if it is obviously not here anymore? And where was it at all? The answers are very clear to see in the religious sphere and the philosophy. Only several thousand years ago, there were these two fields of knowledge not more than partially and on a still very low advanced level. You look at the afterlife performances of from different cultures, you will find many similarities. So you believed in ancient Rome and Greece in a multifaceted underworld, the river Styx separating from the level of the living. (Similarly see: Primark).

Guarded also by was the three-headed Hellhound Cerberus. Evil people in the underworld there were punished with eternal torment, heroes and good characters through a infinitely long life in the light of rewards. And ordinary citizens was allowed to continue exist after all, at least a while, even as a shadow. Applies in all ancient religions, including the still practiced monotheistic faiths: the evil will be punished, and be it only for a limited time, to learn from his mistakes. The good will be rewarded, however, and may carry an eternal existence in the light and in the vicinity of God happy. A connection between the acts in this life and the quality of the next reincarnation is seen also in the Asian region.

This is true both for Buddhism like Hinduism. Who leads a really perfect life, even to end the cycle of reincarnation and achieve something like the bliss. The hope for a ruined life can be found not only in the world’s religions. Many near-death experiences or other contacts with the hereafter rise to a coherent picture: the leaving of the body and perception of events around him. The light at the end of a tunnel. The reunion with friends and Relatives. The sensations from another world which so beautiful and new, that they are hard to describe with our earthly terms. All is not a thriving fantasy, but a variety of testimonials, which although not scientifically proven, but also not implausible Act in the sum. Looking at all these models of the world after the earthly life, you can see that all of humanity has expressed since the beginning of time accounts for the existence of an afterlife. This is a natural desire for perpetual existence, so perhaps is nothing but pure hope. This objection would speak against but, that much of what it asked the people, actually exists thankfully. The air to breathe, water, food and much more. Is the entire Earth system in a very complex way aligned the necessities of life, as a finely tuned watch. It is so improbable not, that this demand principle not with the physical death stops. It may well be that man might not get, what you want, but at least that’s what you need for a life. Wilfried Krotky