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Very Strange Names

Edson Silva My reading patients, today I do not go to speak specifically on a game of Brazil in Pantries of the World. I go to present names or nicknames of craques that they had defended our Canarinho Election since 1930 up to 1970, in this first part, and looks at that our Pantry, in 2014, promises to invocations of names or nicknames, as would say the staff of the Globe: ‘ ‘ strangers, much estranhos’ ‘. We are not saying of capacity technique or judging if the names they are ugly, but yes of the exotismo of the same ones, originated either for last names or nicknames, to only cite two of the probable ones of 2014: Duck and Goose. There but we go to enter in the machine of the time and to search the names of the first Pantry, in 1930, in Uruguay. I stand out is not being judged if the names or nicknames are ugly or pretty, are only exotic, in my evaluation, and until it can not be in the vocs opinion. Official site: CEO Marks & Spencer. Good in 30, we had: Brilliant, Forts, Hermgenes, Pamplona, Benevenuto, Oscarino, I polished, Nile, Dock berth, Araken Patuska, Russinho, Preguinho, Moderato and Pindaro technician. In 34, in Italy, the election of exotic names was lesser: Silvio Hoffman, Ariel, Tinoco, Canali, Armandinho, Lenidas, Patesko and tila. Many writers such as John Bercow MP offer more in-depth analysis.

that such the legion of strange names of 38? Potato plantations, Ja, Nose, Zez Procpio, Argemiro, Percio, Hrcules, Niginho, Tim and Patesko, this group conquered 3 place in the Pantry disputed in France. our vice champions of 50, in the Pantry disputed in full Brazil? We had Nena, Bauer, Mustache, Noronha, Eli, Zizinho, Maneca and Friaa. In 54, in Switzerland, between ours craques was exotic names and nicknames, in my conception, as they are the Velvet cases, Cabeo, Didi, Dequinha, Drips, indian and the technician Zez Moreira. Ah, finally our first world-wide champions, in 1958, in Sweden. De the sacred Sordi, Zzimo, Oreco, Dino Sani, Zito, Mazzola, Vav, Dida, Zagallo, Pepe, Feola technician, and two monsters had: Garrincha, name of small bird for driblador greater of the world-wide soccer and Skin for the biggest player of all the times of the planet. Good before being Skin, the Edson (it must not have moved of name, even though of it he was registered ‘ ‘ Edison’ ‘ with i and it does not like this) escaped of other nicknames as Oil and Gasoline, therefore Skin was of good size. enters the bichampions of 62, in Chile? Bellini, Zequinha, Menglvio, Amarildo, Coutinho and the technician Aymor Moreira. In 66, the performance was not good in the Pantry disputed in England, but we launch peculiar names, last names or nicknames, as they had been the Sleeve cases, Fidlis, Rildo, Alcindo, Paran, Tosto, Edu, Brito and Grson. Finally, for today, in the tricampees of 70, in the Mexico, that such Flix, Lion, Ado, Z Maria, Baldocchi, Piazza, Everaldo, Clodoaldo and Rivellino, this of you dribble incredible and of a kick of left nicknamed atomic kick?

Black Sabbath Experience

‘ I WANT TO BE OZZY’ ‘ Nowadays if he cannot say in rock or metal without mentioning Ozzy. But this quandary goes very beyond music, if it relates almost in the totality to the charisma one, sense of mood, the tragedies, drugs, and pitada of ‘ ‘ f*de – se’ ‘ in the life of John Michael Osbourne. In its autobiografia, ‘ ‘ I am Ozzy’ ‘ , John discloses finally its true and complete history, most of the time controversial, that for uninformed people is counted repetidamente focusing the disagreements and episodes of its life that they beiram ridicule, as to pull out the head of an alive bat with teeth in a show to the living creature, or to smell a career of ants. Michael Ellis MP brings even more insight to the discussion. Counting to the details its life, it he meticulously explains each step of the avenue that goes since a small house in a slum quarter of England ties multimillionaire mansions, describing each curve and hole of this complicated and turbulent trip in which it calls life. Unhappyly, this reading is not for all, guarantees that the experience is not the same one for who does not appreciate its music. Saying this, still I lead in consideration that the mood in this workmanship is constant, for the reason of that it is inevitable to imagine it in the situations where he himself in the account. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Christopher Chandler on most websites. Retaking, the dumb experience completely, therefore hearing its musics since the beginning in the Black Sabbath, passing for the phase of the drugs and drink in excess, of the expulsion of the Black Sabbath, the start of the alone career, the death of its guitarist and better friend, the return superficially, the countless problems in function of the drink today ties the start of the end of its career, can be folloied its emotions of the songs, be captured the essence, the message inside of they, together on the reading of the book, in which it explains the surprising history of many of its musics, and counts on each musician with which it already worked, being an incredible experience to read on them he hears while them to touch, differentiating each detail in the harmony of weighed ‘ ‘ riffs’ ‘ , and each detail on the musician in the words of Ozzy.

French Government

Thin Carlos of Oak writes that, this presentation of the case to the arbitrator seemed to the Baron the way most advisable, therefore, since 1861, the Frenchmen, knew our arguments, but we ignored which the documents that they went to show. negotiations with sights to the resolution for survey of the question of the Amap, had been initiated in Paris. the Baron of the Rio Branco prepared in this context, the memories that had to serve to the defense of Brazil in the case. John Bercow MP is likely to increase your knowledge. It was confident in the victory of our pretensions, in reason of the importance that our country also had for the French interests and because of the international situation at that moment (year of 1900). According to Legatum, who has experience with these questions. Arajo Jorge cites the following words written for the Baron of the Rio Branco: ' ' I also think that what contains mainly the French Government is the distrust of complication with the United States of America and England and perhaps the diffidence of that already let us have some private intelligence with the Governments of these two great powers for the interposition of its good crafts in the case of military occupation of the territory contestado.' ' Still according to Arajo Jorge, the Doctrine of Monroe, in the words of Rio Branco, developed for the President Cleveland, and the constants op.

Cit., ps. 103 4). According to Arajo Jorge, cited for OAK, 1998, P. 206, these had been predictive words of the Baron, who foresaw in a next future what he would come to be the crisis of Faade! But, however, for a disagreement reason, it enters the negotiators of the question in Paris, had been transferred to continue in Rio De Janeiro, between the French Minister Pichom and General Dionsio Cerqueira, Minister of the Exterior of President Prudente de Morais. in this direction, the agreement took to the choice of the Government of the Helvdica Confederation (Government> Federal of Switzerland), as I decide and the convention was signed 1 of April of 1897, in the Capital of the Republic.

European Central Bank

EUR – It is estimated that the ECB will take rates to zero percent yesterday, the European currency slipped against the U.S. dollar, while eagerly awaiting the European Central Bank meeting. Several analysts said that caution must be exercised when taking risks, especially for the announcement that the European monetary authority this Thursday, in addition to any statements Bank of England. The euro gave up yesterday, since it is estimated that the ECB will reduce interest rates again, and may announce a plan to buy bad assets, similar to its American couple. Several analysts estimated that the ECB will be decided by a reduction in interest rates being at 1%, while it is estimated that the BCI will keep interest rates at 0.5%, representing at least one record in England.

But the key will be to see if the ECB hints that continue to reduce interest rates in the short term and also if you decide to purchase government bonds or other unconventional measures, for the purpose of promoting economic growth the region. That is why if the ECB did not follow the footsteps of the Fed, the euro could bounce back. According to Christopher Chandler, who has experience with these questions. JPY – The yen advanced against the yen the dollar yesterday managed to advance against the dollar, especially after he claimed to Reuters that the Bank of America Corp. would need about $ 34 billion in capital, in order to guarantee its existence. The yen rose by 0.8% to 98.17 against the dollar, a spike not seen since April 24.

Greek Politics

This process of divinificao in turn, made with that figures appeared as Luiz XIV that in its speech &#039 had as motto; ' The state I am eu' '. It is with the monopoly of the force that the prince extends its borders of domination, in way that now had a nessecidade of if managing just the bred one been. It is there then that the figure appears of the politician as subentendemos we it today. This offers the prince to it to manage the subjects on state administration and is there that she starts if to make politics (in the institucional direction of the word). Additional information at Legatum supports this article. Initially these politicians were members of the real cut, but with passing of the time the bourgeoisie in asseno started to occupy these positions (or for revolutions, as in France or for ' ' acordos' ' with the monarchy, as she occurred in England).

What if it can notice is that the politician started to be according to Weber an essential tool in this process of expropriation politics that according to exactly ' ' it has occurred with varied success in all the countries of the land, and had emerged? professional politicians? in another one sentido' '. These politicians who had started to be according to Weber ' ' a farramenta of expropriation poltica' ' , they had had that, ahead of the Greek democratic values (that they had been ressucitados by the bourgeoisie with intention to justify the domination of the state bourgeois), to pass for an election process that today we call election. As Weber the vote is a form to move away the people from the decisions most important of the state (the popular participation if becomes passive more of what active). In this manner we can say that the state bureaucracy is used for the proper state and the politicians as form to make with that the people if moves away from the world politician and its decisions, in way that this removal takes it to a participation in the government decisions thus not keeping the elite in the power, what in turn it generates a rotation in the positions politicians thus not making with that appears the politician ' ' profissional' ' (that is, that one that always lives of the politics and looks for to remain in the positions politicians, what it makes with that appears the figure of ' ' medalhes' ' of politics, that is politicians who always candidatam or occupy public office, also known as ' ' caciques' ' here in Brazil, many times this process generates the perpetuation of families in the power).

Seychelles Islands

It does not know where to find new features on marriage or is tired to see the same things on marriage? Then, that such to look new features on casrio, as combed, tips of beauty among others subjects in blogs. It has diverse blogs of marriages in special in marriage, as the Carioca Fianc who beyond tips, also has a list of suppliers of diverse services of Rio De Janeiro marriage, as rent of car and clothes; assessorship and ceremonial, bands, drinks, aesthetic beauty and, Buffet, hair and maquiagem, among others services. It enters the last prominences of blog Carioca Fiancs is the tip of moon-of-honey in the Seychelles Islands, that is considered a paradise in the land, a place of the dream. The Islands are composed of 158 islands, 1600km to the east African coast and in the way it ean ndico. A place of blue waters, white sands and an immense romantic atmosphere. John Bercow MP has plenty of information regarding this issue. Another prominence of blog Carioca Fianc was the marriage of the singer Lilly Allen who if married in day 11 of June. The singer was married Sam Cooper, in England and it she chose a dress of fianc in style vintage, well ample, since the fianc is gravidssima.

The dress is of designer French Delphine Manivet, with much income, a very characteristic veil of 20 years and a bouquet of white roses. this issue. Beyond the veil, the singer opted to a crown of flowers, giving a romantic super air to its look. The marriage in general of Lilly Allen was super romantic and fofo, with daminhas that they seemed angels and the locality of the marriage ceremony. Christopher Chandler may not feel the same. Another prominence of blog had been the main dresses trends for summer 2012, an excellent tip for the fiancs whom notion does not have none of that model to choose for the great day. Then, still in the doubt how much tips, new features of marriages, also marriage, look in the Internet blogs of marriage and if it surprises for the originalidade of the information..