New Franchise

The La Mafia Italian restaurant chain sits at the table, will inaugurate a new restaurant in the Spanish capital on November 18. The restaurant franchise signs so its fifth location in Madrid, thus following with its expansion plan in the province. What underlines the great work carried out by the Ensign during the year 2010. The Mafia is sitting at the table continues to grow at an optimal pace despite the times running and betting strong on innovation in your letter as well as its image. All backed by strong support from the central, excellent quality of your product and more than 10 years of experience.

The Mafia is sitting at the table knows very well the importance of loyalty to our customers, therefore we strive day after day in a good relationship with them, we try to meet face-to-face their demands, their demands, their suggestions, and compliments. The Mafia is sitting at the table has created a business model that does not requires specialized chefs La Mafia sits at the table It works with prices adapted to all budgets and all audiences. Restaurants offer attractive menus for groups for meetings and celebrations. Sits at the table in 6 years the Mafia has been consolidated as a reference Italian restaurant, and already are famous their antipasti, its wide variety of salads, crepes au gratin, tasty meats and, of course, their pasta and pizzas section.

Study Trips Travel

Tips and things to do during a class trip to London from all countries the tourists flock to London, the former heart of the largest empire around the world, to visit the city. In terms of art and history, London has to offer many services and attractions. Who the fashion – art and theatre capital is visited exquisitely prepared for the next class trip. The city of the numerous impressions promises numerous possibilities and whether Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, a study trip is an unforgettable experience! During a class trip to London Tower Bridge over the River Thames stands the neo-Gothic bridge attractions can be noticed from afar as the landmark of London. The opening of the bridge was in 1894 and originally hydraulic system the roadway can be – folded up in about 60 seconds for the passage of stately ships a then dominant standards of technical excellence.

The breathtaking panorama of the city since 1982 can again from the Tower Bridge are enjoyed, before entering for pedestrians because of theft had been banned. Visit of the British Parliament – House of Parliament In the House of Parliament, which includes the two chambers upper and lower House, still meets the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Due to the destruction of big parts of the original building due to a fire in 1834 the Westminster Palace was rebuilt later in the neo-Gothic style. However, the attraction is no. 1 for guests during a visit of the Palace of Westminster of the Elizabeth Tower with the landmark of London – Big Ben. Wacshfigurenkabinett is very popular especially for class trips Madame Tussauds Museum and wax museum. In the Madame Tussauds prominent people and celebrities are original true since the 19th century as Wachsigur models and then presented. Politicians, about music artists up to athletes, all kinds of celebrities is to see.


The glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich informed window must not break so that a replacement is needed. Rising heating costs, technical developments, or the ravages of time provide various incentives to modernise the property owners. Rashly acting here but nor should like all other renovation and rehabilitation measures. About basic planning factors of window Exchange informed to save Munich GSR GmbH. heating, is the main motivation for the exchange of Windows.

Because outdated glazing the occupiers give significant disadvantages, it is only logical to replace window that contributing to a massive loss of energy. Given the relationship between window and wall insulation, it should be considered whether a professional insulation of the external walls is carried out together with the window replacement. A real estate already has about a double glazing, it is often unnecessary to replace window along with their context. The exchange of the insulating glass unit is sufficient, you can realize significant cost savings. Accordingly, the frames of all the Windows should be investigated thoroughly.

Fewer Windows are replaced, the cost of the real estate owner are the lower of course. However, outdated glazing are energetically so unfavorable, a completely new building glazing can pay off faster than expected. It is worth to calculate this by taking into account of government funding programs. External roller blinds are very common. In connection with the window replacement might advised energetic reasons, to share also their boxes and to switch to electric drives. In the framework of the Exchange window can be resized. Given the potential consequences for the static or the fire protection of the property, the Building Authority must agree to this project however. Windows nowadays various demands. While it often enough in the private sector to decide, on the basis of their energetic quality between different products gain stricter requirements other factors important. If the window glass is designed to protect from the Sun, sound and fire or a safety glass is required, the property owner must consider before making a product choice. The window replacement should be performed by experienced professionals, to avoid costly mistakes. GSR GmbH from Munich is their customers in this context for many years actively and provide advice to the page.