Wagamama London

The last time that cai in London, wanted to remember times past and I decided to go to which in his time was one of our favorite restaurants. London life is characterized by having little money in the Pocket, and the abundance of food packaged in a blister pack price that would not charge it nor Curro Jimenez. Fortunately I found a couple of good sites on restaurantes.com site is funny, I would say that it is very clean, and has Japanese touches of its origin. Tables bullfights, direct view to the kitchen, open space, many details. It is curious to see how they cook, ranges can be recognized by the color of the hat: there is a chef, then there are heads of section (Chief salads, Chief juices, Chief Chief rice, noodles) and the skewers. Gain insight and clarity with casio.

This time I chose to eat: Grilled Yasai Gyoza (given a choice between fried or steamed): preparation is always excellent, but the stuffing of vegetables in this case is not very tasty. The salsa is fresh ginger and soy. A Chicken Raisukaree rice dish: chicken breast marinated fried in a curry sauce of lime and coconut with peppers, spring onions and red onions, fresh ginger and garlic, served with rice steamed and served with sesame seeds, red chili, parsley and lime. And a dish of Beef Chilli Ramen noodles: noodles in a spicy soup of chicken and pork with a fillet of veal, sprouts of soybeans, red and tender onion and chilies. Seasoned with parsley and lime. To drink a carrot with a touch of ginger juices have even during this time a special Christmas Menus, proves them the following you see that go all this for 19 euros masomenos. Verdict: A little better than the rest of the fast-food from London, very curious to see and very recommendable if you enter hunger being near one of their branches and want to fill the tummy for a little money. But notice a decline in the quality of a few years ago to now.