Tourism Events

Beyond being planned actions to exaltar definitive subject, in order to put into motion the economy place and the tourist flow in the region, especially at this time. The event can be divided in daily pay-event, that consists all of the planning of as the event will be executed; the reflected after-event of what it was executed during the event, the results reveal then and observe if the perspectives had been reached. Commons Speaker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 2,3 Tourism of Events In a period that is necessary to improve the results of ' ' high and low estao' ' , in view of the fomentao of the tourism at distinct times of the year, so that a bigger balance of the demand exists, the Tourism of Events is presented as an ideal solution for the tourist destinations. This because the promoters play its events at time of low season, when they discover easinesses in congregating a number significant of participants, at the same time where they possess diverse prepared places to host them. The tourist does not need is of vacation to travel and exists hundreds of events that happen throughout the year, being possible, still, the creation of others, depending on city or region. A great economic circulation in the cities is noticed that an event mobilizes a great number of professionals during its accomplishment, provoking headquarters. It is important to stand out also that the tourist of events is motivated by professional interests, combining activities of work and leisure, being become a consumer with great potential of consumption of the item entertainment. Plus an important aspect of the Tourism of Events it is the fact of the tourist to return later, with the family, for the places that had more pleased to it. Leaving of these concepts, the congresses and the seminaries, have an important performance in the development of the regional tourism.