Take House Boating Holidays Free Of Licence – Control Into Your Own Hands!

Travel Europe-wide House boat holiday without a license, for the first time with a houseboat? We will show you how it’s done. Every year hundreds of boat newbies by experienced teams be admitted. The houseboats are easy to handle and easy to control with only a forward and reverse gear. You need no prior knowledge or even a boat driver’s license (exception: the Saar river behind Saarbrucken (but France also licence-free direction) or the Berlin water). On-site experienced, mostly multilingual teams will receive and to your boat. You will receive a thorough training in the handling of the boat. From the main node to the Declaration of the gas.

The team explains you also, as you drive through locks, on the shore or in port Moor. After a test ride on the water it is called linen for you then go! “.” The waterways in all riding areas are not subject to tide and easy to navigate. You can either a maximum speed of 12 km/h enjoy the passing scenery to the fullest. On average, take 4-5 hours per day. But that is not a requirement. The nice thing about boating is that you at any time to stop, when is always Ihen afterwards.

You set no strict goals you make every day wherever.