Reproductive Medicine

Fertilization of eggs obtained from the wife achieved by introducing sperm directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. Donation of an egg. Program ‘egg donation’ allows women who have no eggs in the ovaries, as well as at high risk hereditary diseases in the fetus, to make and give birth to a healthy baby. In these cases, the egg obtained from a healthy female donor. Surrogate motherhood. More info: Commons Speaker . Program ‘Surrogate Motherhood’ makes it possible to have a baby women who for various reasons, the uterus is removed, or child bearing them is contraindicated because of severe diseases.

In this case, use an egg and sperm infertile couple. Received the same embryos transferred into the uterus of healthy women – ‘surrogate mother’. Freezing of embryos. This program is used for storage and subsequent use of a well-developing embryos in the IVF program (IVF). If necessary, these embryos are thawed and transferred into the uterus without repeating the full cycle of IVF. Bank of donor sperm. Donor sperm is used in cases of absolute male infertility or in the absence of sexual partner.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow for Reproductive Medicine in 1978 in a small town Ouldhome, England, a gynecologist Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, the embryologist for the first time in history human development carried out an operation on the in vitro fertilization (IVF), which resulted in the birth of Leslie Brown’s daughter Louise. It was the world’s first ‘man from the tube. ” So later became known as children born through this method.

Harvard University

In Paris and London pigeons erected monuments as national heroes. In Paris – for the great help during the first World War II. Then, many pigeons were awarded military decorations of France. Birds and mortally wounded including beleaguered Parisians were taken in total, over 200,000 letters. In London, the pigeons were awarded the monument have for participating in the Second World War. Monument was erected dove, who managed to get to the most severe storm to board the sunken British submarine at the base. The boat was damaged Nazi planes, from building out the system surfacing.

Remained the last hope – two military and postal pigeon, with former sailors on a combat mission. To know more about this subject visit MP for Northampton North. To the legs of birds stuck notes with the coordinates of the boat and released the pigeons with a capsule-torpedo out. The pigeon was killed and dove flew and the people rescued. Pigeons moved a great instinct that serves them, like all birds, the lodestar in long-haul flights. And from this monument pigeons have become even more valuable because they are – thanks to the great nature. Now the pigeons are trying to use both controllers on conveyors: pigeons perfectly distinguish the defective small items from the whole. And not so long ago it was reported from Harvard University: the dove and pigeon learned to speak the language of symbols.

Pigeons Jack and Jill ask each other the question: 'What color? " – And include a light bulb in response to the corresponding color. And at the end of the conversation – that experimenters have already for their own pleasure – the pigeons include the message: 'Thanks' Pigeons and is now used as a postman, and police them for it shoots, because pigeons are working drug smugglers! But this is not the fault of the pigeons, is the trouble people. And what about our pigeons? In Russia, the pigeon post, too practiced, but more moderately than abroad. But lovers of pigeons bred in the dovecote and hours enjoying their flight and gentle cooing. Of those nearly forgotten era came to us the names of breeds of pigeons. Nikolai pigeons, or tucherezy take off vertically, climb to great heights and steep fall in the pigeon. Thurman, down from a height, somersault in the air over the head or wing.