That would be pretty awkward. In addition are Standard speeches too impersonal. It may help untrained speakers to read through a few sample speeches, to get an idea of the structure and content of a wedding speech. But your speech to the wedding should be unique. Your creativity is needed here.

Third step to perfect wedding speech: ask who is sitting in the audience and attract your audience in the speech directly? To give a personal touch to your speech, you ask yourself before writing, who is sitting in the audience. To achieve that your speech is not a boring monologue, but a vivid dialogue with the audience, can contact directly again individual guests in your wedding speech. To do this you must consider before you write the speech, who sits in the audience. In recent months, Steve Rowe has been very successful. Fourth step to perfect wedding speech: set your message. Most wedding speeches that sick, that the speakers have nothing to say.

Anecdotes from the life of the bride and groom are strung together – sometimes reads the complete curriculum vitae. But the audience do not know what the speaker really wants to tell you. This is usually because that message is missing the speaker. Who wants to write a good wedding speech, should consider first, what he with wants to give the bride and groom on the way. Fifth step to perfect wedding speech: collect ideas, anecdotes and quotes do the many speakers in the wrong order. They look first for ideas and anecdotes and then think about what they might say out. But a good speech occurs when the speaker first sets his message and then looking for quotations, stories, and events, which optimally to carry his message. If you know what it should be the statement of her speech, she can line up the stories and anecdotes at your Embassy, like pearls on a string.