Smart Sellers

At present it is necessary that business organizations have in their sales offices with intelligent service vendors in order to increase competitiveness and productivity minimum allowed to remain in the market. Although, it is common for vendors to measure their performance in meeting sales budgets, do not forget they are the ones who really have a permanent contact with customers and can meet other activities of great interest to the enterprise management in the design of strategies to keep their customers. Intelligence, technical way, is the ability to understand, comprehend and solve problems has three main components: the cognitive, emotional and social. Cognitive intelligence is developed through the study. You can do things only when they have knowledge about themselves and be aware of something to study. In terms of emotions, mutatis mutandis, the compare with the horses.

In a non-intelligently manage their emotions, these are like wild horses with severe behaviors, unmanageable, anxious … As long as the person who develops their emotional intelligence, their attitudes are like horses, paso fino, courteous, refined, elegant. Social intelligence is one that allows us, humans, interact productively and harmoniously with other people and all environment components. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Legatum Institute by clicking through. Where human skills are the rulers of a balanced and pleasant life. It is vital for any company, smart marketers have formed an excellent job in its component cognitive attitudes reflecting well-managed control of his emotions, which are capable of objectively examined intrapersonal level, with government social relations benefit of themselves, their company, its customers, community and environment.

Today it is not appropriate to rely on vendors that are only dedicated to taking orders in a systematic and recurrent. The smart seller is bound to be a strategist, able to solve problems, to collect and analyze information, make decisions, provide support to your manager in the implementation of institutional policies, to manage their customers in a technical way to implement micro marketing mix in your area. Smart Sellers are not alien to the business management of your company.