Skype Account

Here we will explain how you can open new account in Skype to have 2 or more sessions open at the same time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Lindt Chocolates. Today when businesses require immediate with any part of the world and low-cost presence becomes necessary the use of platforms like Skype, where you can chat and have video conferencing for free over the internet. If you don’t yet have another account in the following link you can open new account in Skype. Very likely you have your personal account in Skype and want to have your personal contacts of labor contacts or businesses separate. Unfortunately when you open a session with Skype, the program does not let you open another session simultaneously, forcing you to log off the current user to open another account. Is there a program to open multiple accounts simultaneously, but we do not recommend it because it reminds that while fewer programs have installed on our computer is much better, for speed, optimization, avoid viruses, avoid conflicts between the same programs, fewer things than update, finally thousands of benefits; that’s why our solution to open a new account in Skype is simple and you don’t need to install anything extra. We will then give steps one one so that you can open new account in Skype and have multisesiones separately: #01 step to open new account in Skype: only install Skype normally, remember that you can have multiple accounts created. In the following link you can create others.

STEP #02 to open new account in Skype: the icon that appears on the desktop of your computer, right click, and then click Properties so that you appear the following window: #03 step to open new account in Skype: in the target zone, you must add leaving a gap the following code /secondary, is important that you leave a space so that it works correctly, it should be made in the following manner: SkypePhoneSkype.exe /secondary step #04 to open new account in Skype: create the amount of Skype shortcuts on your desktop many users want to have simultaneously. STEP #05 to open new account in Skype: you should consider having activated the automatic startup with a user option, will there it will always be that default and when you try to open another session will ask a different user. Note: we have tried and we use in Windows 7, we don’t know if these steps to open new account in Skype works for other platforms. To review and download all content, visit the original blog here > open new account in skype HerramientasParTuNegocioWeb DaviR & Fabian – BONILLA – DB & FB here business Web tools you’ll get free instant access to this and many other articles with tips, recommendations, news, secrets and hot information tools for your Web business.