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Post Text and Main Content > of the cruise industry always seeks to offer the best trips at the best places. Therefore, they mobilized their fleets looking for those places where joining some interesting scales and a perfect weather made the unique cruise experience. Little by little is coming to corners more exotic and away from the planet and is very interesting for a cruise addict know and meet in parts of the world are moving the ships and dates change from one area to another to exploit those repositioning trips that offer cruise travel to some pretty amazing prices. Cruise seasons could be classified in the following areas: Alaska high and optimum season to explore Alaska routes are between June and August. The temperatures are quite pleasant and to retire the ice it is possible to gain access to many areas of wild nature, as the great glaciers. The off-season would be located only in the months of May and September. Bermuda high season is It would be between the months of June and August. On these dates the temperatures are almost tropical, and the temperature of the water is high, perfect for water activities or excursions to the beach.

The off-season would be between the months of April and may and between September October. Canada New England although it seems a contradiction in terms, in Canada the high season would between the months of September and October, coinciding with the change of color of the trees, a spectacle in itself same well deserves a cruise. I especially recommend those who depart from New York and it makes the route to Quebec. The off-season would be between the months of July and August. Caribbean Caribbean is the place where most cruise ships are concentrated by nautical mile. Having a good weather almost all year round (excluding storms station) high season coincides with times of holidays of the United States (large consumers of cruises in the Caribbean).