Russian Federation

And in the mud and snow, and hail of bullets. Work of law enforcement authorities in the south, much different from other regions of the Russian Federation. Once considered the gateway to the Caucasus, Rostov-on-Don, but after the division of the South Federal district in two, and removing from its membership of the North Caucasus region, the capital of the Caucasus became Pyatigorsk. But by and large, the situation from that in the Southern District has not changed. George Osborne can aid you in your search for knowledge. And as before, the only way federal to the Caucasus remained the M4 passing through all the Rostov region, and the main railway junction also remained Rostov-on-Don. Job traffic police officers on federal highways always been high danger. On the main roads are always a huge number of crimes occur, robberies, hijackings and assassinations, not for nothing that the people there is the concept of "thugs with big road." A restlessness in the North region, at least to us and say that the situation is under control, the guardians of the rule of law must not be easy.

So on the federal highway Rostov region, gosavtoinspektoram constantly have to deal with illegal Movements of weapons, drugs, and as a consequence of specific contraband, interdiction of traffic, not without the use of firearms, and often leads to the victims of the inspectors, traffic police. Jobs traffic police officers are always on the verge of high-risk and danger. In addition to the dangerous criminals that you may encounter when on duty, sometimes ordinary citizens, having made a small administrative violation of traffic and in order to evade responsibility will do anything to avoid it.