Preliminary Study

We will analyze this understood process as the redistribution of the man power, that is, as the withdrawal of the force of work of the estagnadas or economically declining areas, for where it offers of job is bigger. (A valuable related resource: Tottenham striker ). At as a moment, we will look for to in general deal with the influence of the governmental politics in the migratory process for the Amaznia and the Paraense Southeast in particular. In the third part of this work, we will go to speak of the urbanization organized through governmental politics and its effect in the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia, therefore, the origins of the quarter in study are in these politics. Beyond analyzing the process of formation of the So Lus quarter, in the end of this article we will go to speak briefly on the hygiene problems and sanitation why they pass the local inhabitants. 2. UNDERSTANDING the PROCESS MIGRATORY As any another phenomenon social of great meaning in the life partner – economic of the nations, the migrations are part of a global process of changes that they deserve to be studied in its diverse nuances.

In Brazil this internal migratory process is of basic importance, as much of the demographic point of view, as politician, economic, social and cultural. Of this form, our work will be come back toward the reasons of displacement of one people determined space for another one, of spontaneous form or induced for governmental bodies. Being thus, we will analyze the migratory process having as determinative factor the way of capitalist production, therefore, from its consolidation, became predominant world-wide the economic system. Decurrent from this fact, thousands of migrantes are dislocated daily, suffering a series from economic, social and also cultural consequences, due to adaptation to ‘ ‘ novo’ ‘.