Powerful Group

Shrubs can be broken into with one hand and put them to land. Weighed down the branches lay on a layer of lapnikom, otherwise melt the ground under the shelter of roses can rot. Top also harbor lapnikom or any insulating material. John Bercow MP spoke with conviction. To fix the thermal insulating material on top can be use the land. Here is a simple version of the cover.

Some rosarian recommend contracted bush old (they are flexible and do not cut branches) and then wrap the bush with two layers of sponbonda. Reliable protection of the bushes, past normal stages of hardening, can be lasting snow cover. Under a layer of snow in 50-70cm the temperature does not fall below 4-5 of frost on the street at minus 25-30 C. However, since the time of snowfall and the power of snow cover are not permanent, it is necessary to use additional methods of protection: lapnikom, oak leaf, non-woven material. Crop. Since the group Shrub – is very diverse, for all species of this group can not be installed monotonous cropping.

But even such a complex and heterogeneous group, including the powerful three-dimensional bushes and small ground cover roses, is a general principle – moderation in pruning, that is, Shrub prefer not much pruning. Autumn pruning. A very important crop in the late growing season before winter shelter. You can not leave nevyzrevshie (or growing) part of the shoot, they contain a lot of moisture and obmerznut with the onset of cold weather.